Airing Dirty Laundry Online: Breakups and Self Care in the Age of Social Media
Elizabeth Albright

This was a very interesting peice and I believe it can apply to not only break ups but toxic friendships as well. The steps for additional self care are pretty common and similar in many situations, however many people do not take these steps for their personal reasons and important to highlight ways to go around it or reasons why theses steps are important. For example, sure deleting the contact is important because you dont have to see them everyday, but its also a message where you can go throughout your day not being affected by that person. It shows a kind of strength that builds up. Sure avioding toxic people and situations is sometimes necessary, but it is also important to learn to find strength is terrible situations. Like Kelly Clarkson says, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Yes these situations are terrible and cause people to act out of ration. However, it does give people a sence of strength if they were to experience it again.

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