Work Can Wait 4,380 days
Mercedes De Luca

A year ago I was listening to one of the people in tech (a man, though, but whatever) about the ways he is exploring life, stretching the boundaries for himself. One of the examples was that he would fly to one of the European capitals only with a passport, phone and 100dollars, to seek help from random people and find whether people are willing to help a guy in need. There were few other examples as well. I was jumping with joy inside myself, it was so inspiring. But QA session opened up with one of the guys in the audience saying “Hey mate, that’s awesome, but you are privileged. I can’t do same things”. It took me a few days to realise, the whole talk was not about what’s, it was about the mindset. As you are saying, there is no blueprint, and it is not about leaving your full time job, it is about following your gut feeling and being bold and brave to do it despite it not being the norm.

In fact, I am on the edge of life pivot myself now. I have a constant roller coaster feeling in my tummy — yeah, I am scared, I don’t know how it will work out, but somehow I know I have to do it. If I dont its almost betraying myself..

Thanks for sharing your experience, Mercedes, inspiring at its best.

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