Did Hitler have great designers? Can good design be bad design?
Tobias van Schneider

I’m going to spend my day in deep thoughts now :D On a rational level I agree with everything you have said in the article. On a heart level — nay. Nazi propaganda posters are damn good, the SS uniform looks on point, and AK is praised for its functionality. If taken outside of the context, those are design object of a high standard. And it’s only with a passage of history, these objects get context. Question is whether we should view these objects or the context of these objects? Today we praise on point Google search results and body positive views. Yet only the passage of time will reveal whether we are doing same as Nazi propaganda posters or not. Google search might, I don’t know, lead to AI, and body positivity to obesity. Interesting topic man, gonna be on my mind for some time, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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