Energetic Shifts 29 Jan — 4 Feb 2017 — Facing you

This is not the week to be silent, quiet or ashamed. It’s not the week to find truth in yourself alone or in another that you are only in dream of. Step up here, find your wings and give it a go. Very clear choice with people and things needed now and you are the one that will make it for you — purity and shadow are fighting for you now as your new quest isn’t here yet but is about to be outlined. Enjoy the simplicity, keep yourself occupied and trust that light will always win.


Sunday 29 January

This is a cool little viewable window! It’s a very tangible and understandable energy, here we have a very clear and optimum understanding for something or someone. Nothing goopy, nothing dreamy and offcourse nothing unclear. Here we have faith in us to be able to see what it is — whatever we are looking for or enamouring through. We are clear here and it’s fine. Whatever you see isn’t real perhaps still as we are all in illusion realms here. But we are able to perceive much more than usual. See it and even believe it if you must, but clarity has come to stay.

Very good time to have a look at that broken bone or shoulder, very nice day to see the doctor or a physician. Good and optimum time to see what you’ve got at home that’s leaking or not working and connect to it a brand new meaning for you and a greater picture for your future.

Good very nice frequency for understanding learning and perceiving that which once was but a dream or a fantasy. Take the bull by the horns this day and learn more than you probably used to in a short time. Enjoy — the exam is here!


Monday 30 January

How unclear, ok you have an awful amount of work to do there or here. We aren’t sure in ourselves and we know now that we are wrong or we aren’t quite allowed to go to the next phase here. We are upset or internally unclean from our egos. We must face it what we have stored up inside or what it is that we wanted to be all along and make it happen. We shouldn’t dwell here or worry. We have to just be strong and keep going in the chosen path just to let it be what it will be today.

If you can’t commit or can’t quite identify what is going on when it’s going on it’s ok. The more unusual the circumstance or the feeling the more usual the response. The stranger the story the more basic is the answer. The small minds and the small pockets win together as what you have in front of you is confusion through having tooooo muuuuch.

If you have too much to do or think or say, just be careful here, you are here in vain. The less you are doing or committing to the best and you know it so you and yes your friends will agree — the less the more. Less indeed is more on this day but make it sure. What your response is to anything today? Smile and be simple. Everything will change!!!


Tuesday 31 January

Very good time for confusion or rather, a great time to be in confusion with another. Very nice confusing bundle of energy here as it gives you wings yet bound you are to it. There’s lots of being and not being. There’s lots of needing and not needing. There’s a shame and a glory. Things aren’t quite there for anybody here but yet they are. We struggle in your and mine, his and hers, him and him, her and her. We are in a bind with nature or each other here as we are confusing ourselves into the new parameter of clarity! Haha. That’s all it is

We tied the knot with reality in order to untie it and find in it grace simplicity and yes, opportunity. So what is confusing about today? Let it go and find peace in the simple matters for sure. The made cup of tea. The sheets. The blankets. The foot in front of the other. Walking away or walking towards. The simple action of give and take. The simple action of making promise to look offcourse after yourself and offer nothing too out there to anyone including yourself. Simple is best. Be still and open.


Wednesday 1 February

How frolicky and how in fear. It’s like dancing the dance of love on hot coals or dancing the dance of death in the field of daisies…..there’s a hot and cold energy that succumbs greater understanding simultaneously with pain. There’s a hurt and a laughter. There’s a love and a hatred. There’s contrast that is automatic and simultaneous offcourse as we ready ourselves for new emotional escrows and greater possibility being born here.

We aren’t happy perhaps with ourselves and our choice but we are welcoming new things and at the same time wonder at how we are here and how grateful we are to the world anyway. A bitter sweetness, a sour but pretty picture. We are looking into things too much or too hard? Let it go. If you are trying or trusting that you must make sense of it all — you’ll plop. Just make sure that you need to find nothing here that’s true or guru. Be simple and stay the same…..the same as you have always been to you

The same person that you are every day today is fine. Just the same and don’t worry in any regard what the future holds.


Thursday 2 February

Very nice bitter sweet symphony turned blue and cold. There is a very strong purity here and a passion from beneath. There’s an evil feeling of disseat of other people or that you yourself are the deceit of you. There’s a feeling of strong calling yet a very low vibrational energy of absolute forgiveness too…..a plopping over to the side to fidget with things no longer, to just forgive and move on.

There’s need to be just you here. Simplicity is where we are here. We need not to play with the night or to please each other here. We must not feel shame or honour through the deep and powerful thrust of fait. We must just be still and a little bit silly in the masculine or the feminine life of us. We must not freak out or start something strange, we should be fine with all that is and have a very feeling and loyal time with us only if we cannot be around another in grace and clarity.

We should be clean and free to be us — just us here without any confusion or passionate need to acquire something else or something “more”

You are enough –

That’s the answer to this day.


Friday 3 February

This is a very flowy find and gentle breese. It’s very clear and healing or rather, it’s just simple. We are finally in simplicity here as we understand perhaps that for us — mutation or nurture aside — all is well. All is well. That’s the overall energy here as all will eventually become so clear that you would have been very confused in the past as to how much time you’ve lost or how much time you’ve squandrelled on people and pursuits of unclear nature

Clarity is here. We are here. Just absorb and emote through this feeling. Be the clean breeze in the air, be the clear feeling of your own bed, be the clear feeling of your own energy. Things are clean here and nothing bothers. You are true to you and you are healed through it.

Not everyone is clear offcourse today but if you did have the chance to discover yourself even in the more unclear energies in the days before you would have come out a winner today. Something is very clean and offcourse a part of you is happy that you’re not where you thought you’d be by this time. Just plain and simple is best. And offcourse

Heal others that are unclean today in their feelings today if today you find life plain simple and hella obvious. Enjoy this peaceful day.


Saturday 4 February

Good gosh, this is a very funny day of days for it. The day of days to be married or the day of days to be with another — the day of days. This day is clarity and smooth sailing here. We are coupled up or put into really nice groups where we are not “number 1” but we are liking it here. We are here for a reason welcome that

Who is around you? Find that open hand or open face. Who is the person next to you? Find in them that which you are in great unity with because if you have someone here in your bed or in your room or in your place or at your table or in your work space, here is this — the answer to why you’re here at this present time and here is the woman or man or child that is going to give you more for the rest of the next stern transit of Jupiter.

This is the energy of initiation at completion as you feel perhaps unclear inside but in this person is creation and in this woman or man or child is forever. There’s more than meets the eye here as you in this particular time vortex are in joining with something or someone that is beyond you before and in that way is using you to get ahead in their evolution, providing you the best of the world to come for you. This is perhaps the best Jupitarian energy at it’s ultimate in Libra, creating for you the better story yet and the best is yet to come.

Embrace this person or this voyage now. This energy around you or whatever you are planning

It will take you to the start of you…the clearing of you.

Begin yourself anew in this moment in time.