Energy Shifts 26 Feb — 4 March 2017 — The Ball

This is a very interesting week. It is not about gain or return, it is not about work. money or parts that we play. It is about unique and simple merging of all things in one.

Let it be a ball, let it be a great big celebration offcourse and notice how much good it can do to just receive, to just feel and be uninhibitedly in joy love and romance of the moment.

It is a gorgeous, precious time for new informal and forma affairs. It is a beautiful dream that shows you what is possible in this world and how come you have what you do in your life. Do not speculate, stigmatize, measure or question a thing. Just enjoy the given elements and you too will flourish like never before

Take advantage of this vibration and be held.


Sunday 26 February

Such an interesting day for love or any type of sincerity. Don’t work yourself up about it. If it doesn’t quite sound true or your inner voice doesn’t right, leave it be. It’ll be alright to be whatever you want to be on this day as long as you aren’t energetically expecting the works.

If you don’t belong, let it be. If it feels unsure, let it be. If there’s no drama yet there’s no faith in another, let that be too. It’s ok not to be 100% about anything today as in truth there is not a lot of hope here. Just in circulation of energy. As plainly as it will come. Did you have a good day? Let it be that. Did it feel unusual or amusing? Let it be simply that. To delve and pry into the future is a mistake. Just be there and enjoy it as it comes.

It would be dark here for most of us in some way as we are taking ourselves out of our previous paradigm into dimensions yet unknown. It would be very much blissful to keep things to a simple level without raising or elevating anything upwards into the ether — to parade or to persecute things here is not right because everything isn’t yet clear or known even if we think we can predict what it is going to be maybe.

Very good time to be dark or inward. To shed some light on only the simplest of matters and letting only the most basic realisations come to mind

Don’t share your heart or your deep obsession with anyone here. Let it be as light as it can be and don’t pretend that you don’t know here something either if the reality is already hitting you in some way. Just be simple mindful and serene. Inward journey is the best one but offcourse if Jupiter in Libra has merged a new beginning for someone, it’s fine to spend time in their presence. Just to feel like the one for someone else. If that is your journey this time.

It would be nice to be careful or rather mindful of any grandiose energy or large ambition cycles here. Just place yourself in the palms of the hands of God and become whole in what you do today.


Monday 27 February

This is not a good vibration for freedom or joy. Sometimes it feels that things are going in the wrong identity or direction so the whole current can swiftly shift in Pisces here, starting new games else where. There can be a deep knowing “no” towards that which was beckoning and obvious before. There can be a very deep knowing yes now for that which is probably now gone or in another dimension.

Are you free? No if you are trying too hard to say yes or no to anything. It would be best not to start a thing here, just to see where your energy goes and how you are able to avoid any contact with people or things if it comes to unusual or confronting uncaring behaviour.

It would be nice to become whole here and see that you have all you need or to entice your curiosity to see other things as also true as well as your story here. If you are able to concentrate on things outside of your immediate situations sometimes your situation can become clearer in comparison and you can connect to new ideas fast. Good not to dwell on things. Find new ways to loop reality again.


Tuesday 28 February

Great day for inability to stay somewhere or to be still. It’s good not bad if you can’t let go or if you can’t understand why things are this or that. Very good way forward is to ask for more. To ask for more money or for more freedom. For more love or for more enticement. For more is good, for less or taking things backwards isn’t good

If you were to be angry at yourself on this day for wanting or caring, you’d be in the wrong. Yes, it is sometimes good to have advantage of the game being simple, to hold yourself back from ridicule of yourself or others by being sublime and complete in all moments no matter what happens

But sometimes, just sometimes it is best to be open and honest. Just like a new born baby asking the mother for advice for attention for food and so forth. Be that baby and enjoy the outcomes that will follow

Good time to pray and to visit parents that adhere to your story.


Wednesday 1 March

Good time to be regal and tall. Very nice time to dress well and become — to transform and transport into something or somebody of stature and creativity.

Very good time to suddenly admit — I want more than what I was having yesterday! Suddenly, I am kingly or queenly and I will not be able to go back. No, I will not succumb to the same values that my family imposed on me as a child or teen. No I will not make do

Miraculously this window will indeed give you more if you can find the pleasure in your stature and your optimism towards the great the knowledgeable and the unique.

Good time to be around people and places where there is a certain type of vibration of success or great money. Very nice to be in great company too. If you could choose the most successful person in your field that would be wise…e.g. if you are a uni student, choose the highest professor and have him around for dinner, or even go to dinner perhaps on your last few dollars to a very nice restaurant with your partner and his or her friends — but do it if you want this vibration to print for a long time.

Not good time to shop or to waste money on frivolous gifts. Better to be strong and meek too in what you want and what you present yourself with today will not be sincere perhaps in some ways, but it will imprint as the next paradigm of yours if you would like it to do so.


Thursday 2 March

Very interesting time for friends, for galas, for invites, for big bouquets of flowers, for gorgeous tunes and offcourse offcourse for dancing and romancing.

Very good time to be still too but to do it all in style — just like nanna used to, or just like your father used to tell you it was like in his day

It’s a great energy for inviting ANCIENT waves of political perhaps and social outcomes through the gorgeous history through space and time. Yes you too can have your say in the making of this world today as you play the game as an aristocrat, enjoying yourself and pulling so much beauty and love into a space

Great time to go out and be seen, very good time to show your finest idea of yourself and yes, great time to evoke beauty in life and propel through it as a focusing energy that will entice people into greater prosperity later.

Love you now, the prosperous you, through your prosperous ancestors however and whoever they have come to be. Love you and the feast of life today.


Friday 3 March

This is a beautiful bouquet still, a banquet of possibility. Good to entice yourself with new aromas perfumes and lots of things that are gorgeous and perhaps lady like. Venus is going from shadow into retrograde on the 5th so take advantage of the sales before she goes boom.

Very good time to entice a friend into cutting your hair or helping you with your clothes. Great time for girly get togethers and helping each other in your beauty routine

Very good day for masquerades and pretending to be “something else” — nice vibration for the end of all speculation and the deep desire to behave madly and loyally only to you and perhaps the deep tastes that are evolving here.

Very neat time for babies and friends. Good days for dates (these last couple of dates) very good days for charades, for ancient carnival energy and anything in the mind that is unique, clever and newly developing out of the ashes of perhaps previous civilizations and cultures

Great time to visit or revisit beauty as itself — good time to go to Paris if that is available to you, to fall at the feet of an ancient Roman statue of beauty and pleasure. Good time to be an abundant person who cares not for money or fame, just feels beauty within their bones and flesh to a great intensity and then,

Flourishes like a beautiful bloom out of the ashes of desire….there comes hope and new light that is propelling forward all that is beautiful in you today forward forward into the future to come

Great outcomes unite us and yes beauty lasts if you let it be supreme and closely held today.


Saturday 4 March

This is a gorgeous vibration still though the phase is fading. The awesome wave of abundance and success waning. The festival is over or is going to be very soon. The masquerade is still flourishing but the energy of love and care is gone or is fading.

The bouquet is growing weak, the balloons are limp and yes perhaps the vibration of love is over or is over the bend somewhere.

If you have had sensual or sexual desires for somebody they might be fading. If you have emoted through sensual pleasure of any kind — energizing your senses through touch smell and taste, perhaps it’s going and your eyes no longer see or recognise the beauty that you have experienced in the last few days to quite the same extent….

So cherish this week. Cherish that….the energy of beauty because in quite this way of perception it will not return. So what to do now?

Praise. Praise the musician, the artist, the cook, the muse. Praise them for their beauty and any ability. It’s a good time to say the last and final toast, to be the one at the table leaving with plenty to leave behind for another. Good time to give away your old amazing clothes or giving something away that is of beauty. Very good presents here are the going away ones that are gorgeous and feeling. Also if you are getting, be sure that you are receiving with utter most care and love.

Good time to create loyalty between parties, great time to succeed romantically and worship another. It’s not a very good time however to go somewhere abruptly. To not call or not endorse love and care in any relationship cycle at all. If you were to be in a ripping between parties here, you wouldn’t succeed there for a long time. Harsh words and actions leave a4 big imprint here

So be a gracious host or the gracious guest and feel the loyalty and the feeling of justice infiltrate the space as all returns to it’s rightful place.

Enjoy this mellow vibe.


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Thank you

Sincerely yours