Energy Shifts Monday 10 — Sunday 16 October 2016

Monday 10 October

This is a very deliciously auspicious and fine day for great things if you’ve done enough release in the last two weeks or so. If you know what you are and what is not important in you anymore, making room for the new vibe to enter — today will eventuate well.

Even if you had no idea where to start from, a project will start itself perhaps. Even if you had no clue as to what is real and what is not there is something in the air that will push you towards great truth today. Even if it’s not very nice.

If you’ve been stagnant. If you’ve been worried. If things have been hard or too hot to handle, today will bring everything to cluster. Everything that doesn’t sit right in your life will become damn obvious too if it’s in your way. Is it that bedroom floor that you can’t see through all the clothes? Is it that cupboard that’s packed with God knows what? Is it that bank account that’s out of control? Is it that car that’s barely running yet you’re still driving it everywhere? Something isn’t clean or sound? Then it’s bound to break or become very obviously a malfunction today. If it’s obviously malfunctioning — it needs to be addressed now. Now now now.

Take care of that house, give those things away that you don’t need, get that rubbish bin empty. If you’re not feeling agile, give food a rest for three days or so. Fasting goes a long way for some of us here.

If you’re not reaching a conclusion of any kind however, means you’re sorry for something that you don’t want to reoccur or you’re likely hiding the outcome from yourself not to repeat old patterns. If there’s a “holding of breath” in any regard, there’s likely faith in what’s yet to come that…never comes.

Are you holding on to something deep? Do you want the past to carry on?

Real questions are rising today. So take your time with them. Contemplate for a minute or an hour as to why you are hiding things from yourself today. What is it that is obvious? Why are you afraid of the next experience? What could be bad?

If you’ve got a myriad of memories or expectations of bad things there’s chance there will need to be ultimatum. If you’re experiencing delays in your life because there’s fear of not reaching truthful conclusions, there isn’t need to worry. Just accept…failure.

That’s right. Failure at this that or the other. Accept it. Laugh with it. Watch a slapstick film. Watch people spill things and then clean up and get on with their day. It’s ok to malfunction sometimes just as part of the karmic and galactic mystery. It’s ok to fail. Accept it. Now find that new solid ground!


Tuesday 11 October

This is very good. Much bigger energy here than yesterday. This very auspicious transit will not bother us but it will if we are not used to greatness. Is big a problem? Is it hard to be applauded or is it hard to receive as if for no reason? Why is that?

Measure. There’s measure involved in this auspicious day that is not ready for the new changes. Perhaps you’re expecting much too little for your happiness! Today is not a very good time to decide anything for that reason.

What are you settling on? What feels “ok” or “believable” despite the inner yearning? What feels “so-so” just because you fear that you can’t afford or accept it? Why is there a likelihood or a need to reject or put away things that are too good seemingly to be true?

Is there a wave of information coming your way on this day? Most likely. Either you’ll feel, think or be given something in this life today that will give you more than you expected. A certain upgrade is in order. If you’re afraid of the energy of “bigger and better”, conquer it. Because today you’re given as much as you’re in alignment with!

So, what’s that new thing today?

Can you see how much more you are through a simple act of receiving?

What is this new career prospect/opportunity/friend/meal/gift/thought giving you really?

Is it what you’re trying to be maybe?

If you can see it you should accept it. It’s definitely right for you.

If you’re in denial about being able to receive, know that it’ll be an inevitable energy that will come back later when you know you want it. So don’t worry. It’s all in the works.


Wednesday 12 October

Very auspicious for people who gamble. Very interesting vibration for other people’s money or anything to do with transfusing or confusing goods from one place into the next. Very funny day for stealing or for giving yourself more than you deserve. Yes this is a very funny day for eating that last piece of pie or stealing someone’s wallet, but don’t worry. This day works in this way:

It gives to the ones who have suffered without for a long time.

It takes from those who have no idea what they’ve got.

So with this energy, if you loose something — a watch, a boyfriend, a job — there’s need to acknowledge your ambiguity there. There’s a void that is not grasping or needing or enjoying that which you have been having, which is good because you have shed those things that you’ve lost in the recent while like a tree — not able to retain it’s fruit. It’s a natural part of nature to loose or spend too much sometimes because it comes back in different ways through energy exchange.

To lose that which you don’t feel is to gain something you may feel a lot more in the future. Out with the old in with the new.

If you’re gaining from somebody else especially, today is very good to know that you’ve lost something in a way if you’re grasping onto someone else’s wife, wallet or power. If you’re looking to get something out of another — even empathy and connection — there’s need to see the side of the grasp as poor or unloved in some way. If you want to jump at the opportunity to gain something today there’s likelihood it won’t last as it’s good frequency to gain the goods and the opportunities that vibrate to loss….someone’s lost wallet….someone’s lost attention span. Somebody who’s lost.

If you want to know what it is about you that wants someone else’s lost or used goods, perhaps you need to address your inner child. Why are they feeling misused or misplaced in their cosmos? Why are they feeling somewhat small or unclean? If something is feeling precious inside in fear of loss — it’s you trying to be found. So find YOURSELF not someone else’s misplaced goods.

Enjoy the thing you find within as it’ll likely bring something new on this day.


Thursday 13 October

How nice. Kind. Auspicious. Creative. Comforting and yet…confronting. This is very good for you if you’ve put in some hard work into what you’re doing. It’s a good vibration for any of you guys who have really committed and tried no matter what the outcome. If you’re known to yourself as someone who pulls too much sometimes or wants too much for others to benefit from what you’ve done, it’s a very very gracious day.

If you’ve got more than enough envy for others. If you’re still flying around like a bat looking for something to feast on without working for it. If you’re still wanting other people to enjoy you without giving them any love. If you’re living for attention. If your life is a plastic existence of make believe realities. If you’ve got no backbone to the person you’re becoming. If your reply is “god will save” or “the universe will provide” to everything in the world — you’re in the wrong today.

Work and long hours invested in that thing that you wanted to achieve (really believed in or really wanted to put together) — those will give you money or status or greatness on this day or the following wind down as we go through the Full Moon escalation and then release through the freeing energies after that. What you worked for with great consideration and need for greater good will come in strong today, so even if you’ve been working on multiple projects, keep an eye out for the wonderful feeling of stability. What is it that’s giving you that feeling? What’s that pride in yourself or part of your body or life that’s stabilizing here?

Whatever feels stable will not likely fall for a long time, so enjoy this miraculous day of consolidation. To dream is good. To release is well too, but here the cycle of clearing should be at an end trusting something inside to be steady and very much rooted in truth on this day for a long time to come. If you’re not sure in what that might be, stand on your feet for a while. Feel what comes into your mind as you get grounded through the bottom of your feet. Feel that energy. Tap into that feeling of knowing your worth and true potential.

If you can’t. If you can’t get up or do a thing, you’re worried that it’s not going to last or that it’ll end in failure or disgrace. If you’re afraid inside, stability is not easy to enjoy. So have a yell. A big heart wrenching, bending, shifting yell, as today energy will bend backwards providing you little in the now but more in the future through yelling at your past. Yell and vent about what you do not enjoy. Break free of your stagnancy and pretence of abundance if you don’t feel it in every way. Break free by venting out what you do think or what you do feel because it’s not likely to find stability in anything if you’ve been lying or dismissing yourself. If you want, it’s a good day to fight. It’s actually an amazing day to give way to great gush of WANT or NEED because something inside knows a great window is about to be sealed for a long long time, and that means getting yourself angry just to get your old feelings and sad energies out of the past — to mind it no more, and so to create in this reality a brand new push of energy that can only sometimes be radiated through anger.

If you are sad without even knowing you’re sad — the big primal scream will heal you like nothing else. If you can be envious openly. Sad openly. Angry or terrified openly — this energy will support you but….

Resolve it for the rest of the day. Resolute. Deeply resolute that energy by giving yourself comfort like a warrior who’s come back from battle. It’s not easy to scream past old blocks and barriers, so welcome yourself home before the day is through (before night time comes) and see how much more evolved and clear your life feels.

If you don’t feel you’re ever coming home. If you’re lost and you feel there’s no one in the world that can truly hold or save you. This is very good time to be blunt about things. Tell things how they are. Start with your mother. Your father. How they’ve mistreated you. How perhaps you’ve been forgotten or left behind, and so the past feels denser and more real to you perhaps then the illusive “untrustworthy” concept of the future. Reveal to yourself why you don’t want to do the work perhaps or how much time you’re afraid of losing or feel like you need to be saving. If time is not feeling safe, if you’re not sure if you’ll complete something for sure, be ok with that. Now, feel how you felt as a child. Feel that energy of the past overtake you and through that you’ll ride into the future on this miraculous portal in no time. Promise!!


Friday 14 October

How good. This is very good for decisions and yes, not so good too sometimes for people who’ve given into decisions without feeling. It’s not a good day as those old patterns might be still in operation. If you’ve been giving in every day or even to a certain type of energy this day will accentuate that in likelihood. For example, if you’ve been worried about your health yet every day having coffee and cake. If you’ve been going through a divorce with everyone you knew closely in a huge fight, yet you still connect to the same type of incompatible people. If you’re still in discontent with something about yourself but you won’t do anything about it. If there’s loss in the air yet you accept it.

That’s not good….

However if you’ve given up a bad habit lately. If you’ve given up the energy of “success” for greater personal success. If you’ve been giving up bad people or bad words in order to find more meaning and clarity for your life — this is good. So how to find the truth?

Well, find what you feel tortured by. What is that feeling of giving up something without really understanding it first vs the feeling you get when something has grown very dense and gluggy in your life which made it time for it to shed? What’s the difference?

Knowing when to let go is very important here. And also, how to let go.

If you want, it can be a very good day for:

Leaving behind old place of living

Giving yourself to a greater situation with people (finding new friendship circles)

Getting together with completely new and somehow straight away comfortable scenarios

Getting out of one story into the other

Giving up meat for vegan living

Giving up an old car and buying an amazing new upgrade

Giving up your old clothes to the opshop and going shopping straight away

Giving up a project, then applying for a new one

Giving up a long lost secret to someone, then to find greater truth and healing in that relationship

Giving something up to start something new.

That’s the theme.

The only thing is….to feel enough to know when you’re doing the right thing or when the choice is sound. How to feel?

Well, if you’re on check. If you’re not sure. If you’re afraid. If you are blowing something out of proportion or if you’re thinking of this choice is life and death type of energy — you’re wrong. It’s wrong to feel unsound about decision as finishing something on uncertainty creates a new possibility also shrouded in uncertainty.

However if you are bleak about the previous energy as if it was old autumn leaves. If you’re thinking ok…well….that was it. As if it was something that just grew out of itself. It just ended. There’s no twinkle. There is nothing. If you are feeling that the previous circumstance was just the snake’s skin, not the snake itself, you are in the right!

Yes when you can feel that things have a way of outliving themselves, knowing that to pursue those energies or people or vacations would just be a whole lot of work for nothing. Not in disappointment. Not in turmoil. In no great emotional response. You just know. Even talking about those people or things is kind of unworthy for you. When you feel that — go. Fast.

What’s not working?

Clarity can be hard on a day like this but in clarity is your truth and your new dimension!

Watch how you feel. How do you really relate to this or that? What is it that you’re not mentioning to yourself perhaps that has outlived itself?

Maybe you don’t need to text these people or update your facebook anymore. Maybe there’s no real life or zest or life giving energy in that anymore.

Maybe you don’t have to carry around that heavy suitcase of ideas with you everywhere you go. Maybe half or more of those ideas you have for your life are been and gone. Do it this way if you are lost….

Put them all together. All of these things you’re unsure about. These ideas, these people, any choices that are made for the new upliftment of your life on this day. Put them together.

In absoluteness and complete connection with your higher self, the soul in your heart space, the absolute truth of what you know at the moment about what you are becoming in this short period of time over the last two or four month (that has been an anchoring period of your new self of sorts) — concentrate…..Feel YOU — the YOU that feels too good to be true maybe…..that feeling. That fresh feeling of the great new life that is reaching out for you….

Now in that energy the decisions won’t be hard. Promise.


Friday 14 October


This energy is nothing but neutral. But beware. It’s not. It’s as if a twig has been grafted to a tree or a broken branch grafted….there’s dressing on the branch and at first glance it seems fine. There’s something here that is very well put together or level….but it’s not. There is a very deep and maybe flamboyant need underneath. There’s a huge wave. A war. A scenario. Healing crisis maybe underneath the very neutral calm waters. An undercurrent of change and evolution is taking place as things are healing together, redefining, recirculating, reworking, nurturing and creating new paradigms.

If you’re wanting to feel something today — something magical, something “right”, something strong, defining, feeling, needing…anything of that sort will glow through but will not really help you. If you are rampaging for truth, today will give way — showing you the picture indeed…but should you be knowing that picture yet? No

Don’t go to fortune tellers, psychologists, or tarot readers….astrologers maybe too. Today isn’t good for digging beneath the scenes. Finding text messages on your boyfriend’s phone or looking under the rug of any kind is not paying today. It’s not a good energy which is probably revealing to you something old and known, but yet again….because this process is a new revelation of reality — what you see is not going to change anything or it will only add confusion to your life.

There must be patience. Yes. You want to give that agent a ring. You think you got the house. Ok. Don’t. You want to give that girl a call to see if she wants another date….no. Sit still. If you want to itch or touch or interfere with anything today is not good. Just be still. Even if you feel like you MUST emit something — a replica, an advice, a statement, solidification of any sort…there must be patience.

Don’t rip the band aid off before the wound is healed

That’s the main energy today.

So be patient. Anything that’s excitable needs to be put away. If you’ve got small children this is very good day to give them something tedious to do or something to craft. If you’re not able to contain some type of curiosity or need to be in other people’s business today, draw a mandala. Paint something in a circular pattern. Look at circles. Look at water. Anything that is calming and round in nature today will take the pressure off.

If you don’t want to be still or alone in any way as if there’s need for confirmation of sorts, it would be very wise to tire yourself out on the treadmill or any other type of tedious exercise equipment. Perfect day for building muscles and creating resolve on the inside while putting your mind into neutral.

Neutral is best.


Saturday 15 October

How good. How really really good for bankers and lawyers and designers. Anything precise. Anything that needs working on in a meticulous and methodical way will pay big time today. Anything to do with trimming hedges or hair, anything where you are absorbed in work of the meticulous or even mindy kind will bring you care and maybe even enlightenment!

Watch what happens on this day when you concentrate on a small thing. You might find the time just falls into void — as if there is no time. Something unites and manifests through timeless energy as you put yourself into some kind of meticulous activity or out of mind trance, though I would advise on this day not to look for out of body experiences. Let them come naturally through paperwork. Through computers maybe too. Anything to do with meticulous doing, sculpting, writing, crafting or arranging.

Even if you don’t think that it can be done, today is a very good time bender. If you wanted to you could create a completely different life for yourself and even another by pulling your attention on one thing and through the act of concentration on pretty much anything, you are able to connect to some miraculous energy on this day!!

If you don’t want to do it. Whatever is at hand. Don’t

Even if this is about you sitting there staring at your toes or at the ceiling for two or three hours, any of that type of energy will be very good for you. Still.


Sunday 16 October

This is my birthday. Otherwise, this is a very treacherous energy usually as here the Sun learns to speak up. But in some ways depending on the year, it can speak different things. Here Libra energy gets transfigured usually blaming or shifting the scales in one direction or the other — be it positive or negative, this is usually day of turbulence which shows us all what is seen beyond the veil of “truth” or “fiction”

The yin and the yang. On this particular day — October 16 2016, we will experience the full moon in Aries. It’s a very auspicious vibration for money! It’s a very good energy for creating or connecting through money or even investing. It’s not about the money as an entity anymore though because Aries is going through a very different transition showing us that money is just a possibility, not the essence of luck, so with that in mind, take the money where you feel it’ll worth more, not as if it was some sort of precious energy currant that is beyond this realm. Think of it as just a type of building block. Your life comprises of different building blocks:

Luck with people

Luck with children and love of play

Luck with society and community that nurtures who you are

Luck with pleasure and sexuality

Luck with business and venture

Luck with the uncharted and the unseen

Luck with universal patterns

Luck with older generations

Luck with blueprinting ideas into the collective

Luck with universal kindness

Luck with home and physical goods

Luck with time and energetic investment

Luck with physical choices

Etc etc etc

All sorts.

And yes, money is just one of those lucks. If you are not here making that much money that is fine because there’s a chance that you hugely excel in other types of building blocks that this Jupiterian opposition to Aries Moon will ILLUMINATE!!

So watch for that. What are the building blocks of your lifetime? Is it money? Is there family trust? Is there luck with strangers? Are people drawn to you sexually offering you places of work or other opportunities? Are you lucky in friendship? Are you rich in hospitality or are you wealthy in transition? Elevation? Change? What is your brand of luck?

It will show you what it may be on this day. We don’t all need to look for literal wealth, to which we “label” a successful lifestyle. We don’t need to have the big house or the great big car to be wealthy though everyone seems to aim at that. Building blocks of reality are plenty. There’s no need to all invest in the same kind of “wealth” as it means different things for all of us. Just relax and see what you’re abundant in.

Is it with friends? Is it with experiences? Is it in knowings?

Deeply profoundly and excitedly celebrate what you are wealthy in — see that money is only given to fulfil small needs. Not big ones. Not big ones like knowledge of self or true life partners. Those things cannot be bought. A bigger house will not give you joy. Just feel what you are actually providing people, where your inner wealth is generated from and through that deeply remember to….receive more!

That’s right whatever your building blocks, you’re open for more on this day. So receive!


Thank you for listening

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