Energy Shifts Sun 15–21 Jan — FREE into new grids

This coming week is not about faith in people, but rather the faith in the phenomenal nature of the universe and the way that it’s grids form realities by themselves.

The waves of collective conscious and how they structure it — the game-grid itself, how morning and night energize you beyond your “true” story. How time and space utilize each other in order to commit to us a greater perspective on self. What is that being that elevates and fails? What is that energy beyond the system of human activity?

Though people are here in our story too. We are all in each other’s dream sharing dimensions that do not actually fit any of us here. Instead of looking at people’s primary perspectives, commit to the universe here, the All and watch yourself be guided back home every time.


Sunday 15 January

Here is a funny game. This is a game of pride and arrogance over nature. This is a very fond little story as you and I are but toys in each other’s hands unless…

We see that beyond this pride and arrogance is real thought and emotion. A true story that hasn’t ever been false or pretentious. Beyond the spectrum of information that we see and understand as “so” is something more, and that something is faith in greater things.

If you can just shake the veils of reality that bring to you judgement and annoyance, beyond them is greater focus within and underneath this funny game with people or toying with each other is something of grace, something of potence, importance perhaps and freedom. With every word watch yourself and what you’re getting across because here we hold each other in special ways in order to commit each of us into a bigger dimensional shift.

If we are not able to please ourselves through searching for the truth in all things that are placed into a category, already said and done, we are nobody and forever glance at reality in surface glances without taking in any more. Just as if we are eating potent soul food not letting it really penetrate through the bones. Just a surface pantomime perhaps here.

It would be nice to see us introvert into each other today and see the bigger peace and picture of each other’s lives today. In each other as well as without….it would be nice to get to know you as it would be also nice to stay me. We are looking for something further today. Don’t miss the chance to introvert into something else here and find the gems that make your own crown later.


Monday 16 January

Very kind or very hard spoken words are here today. Whatever you choose to emit is twice as dense as you think, and if you are burdened by it in thought, don’t say it out loud please. Just release inside. If you spread rumours about people or say negative things it won’t use you but it will burden everything around you for a good reason — words are things. And things are burdensome to this day.

We are loving it — what this vibration provides but we are not in understanding of the true purpose of what we say or do here. We are kind and generous but each word is not a feather but a brick in our minds here so what to do?

Nurture is found in feeling not in self. Feeling of anything isn’t as important as that in you, so nestle inside the feeling without change or need to combust or shift anything just yet. If we talk more than we feel it is dumb of us to reality build out of that, yet we still do…

If you have much talking to do on this day or much negotiation in front of you, keep it behind closed doors or make it clear that you’ll only say what is written down already or not too much….if we are trying, truly trying to submit some kind of written word here written anew or trying to speak out a truth we have just realised, it’s hard, very heavy ironiously giving us less power and pride later on.

Each new vibration is like a brick

We should nurture everything energetically first within and then if the word does come, it does come, but be careful with all your commas and full stops for the meaning does change there. And you will change with it.

Be at peace, practice meditation more.


Tuesday 17 January

It’s a good time to sit by yourself and wonder about what you are sighing or laughing about within. What’s that inner journey that happens without you consciously knowing? What’s that inner light of hope or what is that inner howl of innocent sadness? How come it’s there?

Silent, quiet thoughts, leave them out as soon as they come, just concentrate on the inner workings of the mind beyond the constructive thought. What is that void space? What is that darkness? Feel and believe it. Feel it and make it guru over you now. Just allow it to unfold the next healing phase for you without problem or need to be anything else.

In darkness and the quiet is the more interesting innocent structures build by your mind. In the quiet room. In the strong hold of time over your being. In the innocent sigh of a child. In the awful perhaps pretence of life you will recognise what it is you’re hiding from the world to see, but you must be as still as if clouds before the water pours down again.

Fine tune yourself please don’t rush and gush. Just fine tune here.


Wednesday 18 January

A little bit of an optimistic thought. A little glimmer in the eye. A fine tuned feeling as if just come back from a soul chiropractor perhaps. There’s a new energy generating here and it’s up above average. Feeling a little intimidated perhaps by the latest shift, taking a slow steady step towards the better part of the year to come.

If you want you could generate a lot of new unbelievable prides about yourself here….

Start like this….

E,g, I used to never (_____) but now I have come so far! I now know how to (_____) and though (_____) I feel better now! I now can see the change which is (_____) and this makes me feel )(NEW ENERGY IMPULSE)( enter new dimension here….)

(ready for new dimensional shifts in reality unseen or unfelt before)

It would be nice to see us understand finally in this window how far we have come and how much more we are able or are allowing ourselves to commit to a greater picture within. It would be wonderful to see us free and growing in this time period, expanding slowly but very lightly towards the bigger outcome of ourselves.

Don’t sit behind somewhere, don’t hide on this day. Hiding only brings disbelieve in your new open soul and the shift in your universe.


Thursday 19 January

This is a vulnerable time perhaps — maybe we are not sure where we’ve come to be, we might be a bit less open about the new, but here we are undeniably free from whatever “curses” or “worships” we had before. It might be a new idea that has brought us this freedom. It might not be. It may be a person for some, it may just be a belief in self, but something is in itself full of meaning that was empty before.

We are somehow full of something here that is new or making a new field for ourselves. There’s a curiosity in the air and a fond mental clarity or mental creativity that is able to generate new ideas fast. We are clear or squeaky or at least a part of us is cleared out and is ready to behave.

We aren’t complete though here on Thursday, something is always kind of out on this day but we are able to energize through more and connect with more people than ever at least with our thoughts.

We are not able to do that you think?

Think twice.

If you aren’t able to see your father well, think of him twice. Think of anything or anyone twice if you aren’t able to see them in clarity. Find your true voice and the true potential of meaning here. Perhaps even write down the problems you think you have on a piece of paper and through some thought and some turmoil maybe, the answer will be written out better than said.

Good luck


Friday 20 January

Haha, ok opening up the book. Opening up the gallery. Opening up the eyes on the new dimension here. We are actually here. The new dimension of you. Open up and see what you’ve kindly wanted indecision apart. What your soul wanted. What you silently connected inside and now here it is on the outside. Some form of magic has taken place and you are looking into the eyes of a new person or you are looking inside the new horizon of you.

Here we have a new thing happen, a new adventure in the works, an unusual twist of sorts off course that you don’t expect often or some kind of new flavour in your grasp. See the new as if you were you, nobody else.

Wipe away your mother’s ideals, your boyfriend’s thoughts, your friend’s projections, everyone else. Just be you and watch what happens….Please don’t forget that today is not easy. It won’t be welcoming if you’re stuck in old ways or have “PLANS”

See this dimension, feel it, interest yourself in this fresh new vibe and roll with it now.

Don’t hesitate to live a little, don’t hesitate in practice of magic if you do magic, don’t hesitate today — did you want this? Yes you did. What you getting today is something ever so special so don’t count on anyone else to know what that is. Just feel and know it inside.

Guru time for practice of magic or any type of ethereal work.


Saturday 21 January

Goodness, gosh, golly, guru…he he. No, this is a very funny energy. Good for big balloons and lots of laughter. It’s not a good time to stuff yourself with anything like information or food because what goes up doesn’t just come down, it falls down with an explosive bang and is much heavier than before.

Pouring now. Aquarius.

We have to be generous with what we are here. We are not receiving it back maybe what we are giving but that’s fine. We need to kind of understand this dimension is stupid in some ways and wise in others. Things don’t quite function here as before….

Here we have an antisethis of the joke. We get booed on stage. We get thrown at. We get fully into something that doesn’t bring laughter. We give and yet we are not actually receiving.

Well if you have had the opportunity to wound, sometimes the outpour at first isn’t clear.

Pain is not epic but mild and is part of the healing today.

Often the first jokes of the stand up comic are drab. The energy is stale and sometimes due to this, feelings aren’t all there. We don’t get received in this energy, but be open and generous here because the more you give to people, the more you are given…by the universal grid perhaps more then to whom you are giving.

Even though they don’t get it, and your self perception gets bruised and burnt you must be brave. Perhaps you can truly feel trouble through giving of anything even emitting joy in your heart but you have to be brave and give give give….

The water will truly run clear eventually. All your bruised broken feelings from giving and the laughter that no one shares with you will be ok when you see that this giving process isn’t about getting it all back straight away as you’re used to the rest of the year. This is basically about clearing your pallet and clearing your wardrobe. Clearing and giving out where people might feel as if they’re betraying you and not receiving with grace, but the pour will create….clean feelings in the end of the pour.

The more you give the more you free you

Not another

The more you laugh at your own jokes the more you free you

Not another

The more you are welcoming change for another through advice the more you advise you

Not them

It’s more about you now to give than them to receive and for us it’s a hard concept to grasp

As we would truly be shunned for anything we give now. So. Centre on your gift to yourself as you are ridding yourself of the old here perhaps in a way that a scab is coming off the skin, which is often angry and sad. Later you might resonate with the new healing ability you will be receiving for all your care but later. Later it will make much more sense.

You will be received later for something else, but for now be that awkward guy or girl who isn’t welcome no matter how much the do.

It would be freeing to see you spread your wings whoever you are in any way because you are able to be so much more than you think you can give. It would be so much more to give today and fall than not to give a thing and keep on binding your true nature through stealth and inactivity. So joke at yourself through sharing your material whatever it may be and open up the new treasure chest of activity and possibility by the power of giving for