March 2017 — Holy Equinox, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ok you guys we made it. Wherever you are now, it’s fine. Just as long as you know that you aren’t the person yet that you truly want to be. Have the last say, count the chickens and make it joyful. Get your family together, love one another no matter who it’s come to be this year, lets go for a ride.


1–6 March

Gorgeous, galas, beautiful things, best things yet. Celebrate who you are and what you’ve come out of this year as. Yes I do believe that this is indeed the end of the previous year and a beginning of the new one coming. So celebrate it with pride. Nomatter what your choices in the previous years.

Put it all aside, the work, the play, whatever. Just be and try to trust whatever you have met or needed in the last part of the year indeed. What you have come to be. With whom and why. It’s all coming close now to it’s greater unravelling yet. Do not despair if you haven’t done a thing at all. Just undertand what you have here and trust that it’s all beautiful anyway

Yes or no isn’t important here. You knew it whatever you have done or manifested before it did. What you have now is fait in itself laughing at you for your previous dreams. The dream is here. This is real. Enjoy and do not be stranger to your own wishes. Here it is now the culmination to the previous cycle, so do enjoy it and

Congratulate yourself

For learning so much more in the year to come (already) :P


7–11 March

This is a beautiful window for the soul. The sound. The feeling. It wants to act! It wants to spill out and show everybody it’s colours, it’s true self. It is the phoenix phenomenon when you are raising out of your form into the greater scream of you and into the best or the better way of you yet! Enjoy it. It is the clutter free climax of your whole life here perhaps and yes for me too I feel this is a great design and for you, it might bring more than just a promise — it might be the scream of your life.

There is gorgeous people here. There are huge horrizons and yes giant landscapes of hope healing and possibility. Let your soul reach out and elevate out of the previous conditions whatever they might be

Give away your work life. Give away your money situation. Give it all away to something or somebody else to take care of. You are free (I hope) here in this window nomatter where you are to at least glimpse the true power and energy of you. Radiate it out, be it and make it the bigger banner of yourself just yet. Be it and fly, be free my love.


12–19 March

Very beautiful big and lunscious energy here. Very nice steady and hopeful. The meat is there. The girth. There is something large in mind or something that is pushing thorugh, propelling through you. A new hope. A baby maybe, a new need or a steady relationship

Perhaps you have found your income, your friend or your new person in life for whatever reason they are there and they will bear the meat or be the depth of you in some way. This is a very hefty energy and it doesn’t stand still. But know that

If you aren’t certain, let it go

If anything here feels flimsy or unwell, if anything at all feels like it could collapse at any moment or let go in ease, just fling it off and allow only the meatiest, sturdiest concepts and ideas to fill your space.

Good idea for connecting to larger income. Larger companies, larger ideas, people and places here. Sturdier bases, sturdier foundations and yes more sophisticated background to your story

Find yourself in your previous self, find the meat and the girth of yourself. Be that which is the story that will not be retold perhaps but will be sound and sinsere. Trust that the sincerity of you is the best prize yet and allow yourself to form only the heaviest and the densest ideas. If you can elevate in density everything you have here. Practice yoga, eat meat maybe (for some) dense fruit cakes and other dense things. Be in the practical and yes, become free in it. See it as a sort of gift not a curse now. The steadier healthier and meatier the better for all of us.


20–21 March

Oh yes, it is Equinox time, it is the time of us being here….reborn. What we have done. What we have hoped for. What we have wanted. What we have desired. It’s all come into view now and it will not end….it will not end. The momentum is here. We are full and happy or we are serious and unwell. But we have to trust this vibe to bring us more

Good time to have very nice relatable energies around us. Family, friends, places we know, people we understand and ofcourse beautiful nature that we LOVE

Be in love with that which you see, alow yourself to “reenter” this world in this great window of the holy Equinox in freedom and spirited persuits. Be awake, be well and be loved. Be all that you have been and more. Become here one with all, be free and be joyful for here in this beginning of the new year is you. The you that you should have been and that you will be forever in some ways. Be that which you have come to be here now on this Earth and ENERGISE through her!

Good great perfect time for karma retrieval. Get the bygons out of your system. Start fresh. All energy must be clean and sinsere here. Let your bedroom be clean and your clothes be washed. Bathe yourself twice a day maybe, let yourself run clear and be very much at peace with your stomach

Don’t delay any plans for fun joy and procreation. Be at peace and enjoy utter freedom that you can fathom. Hold yourself clean of all harm and ambition. Just be the great big newborn that you are on this day and flow with the new — be the new. Be you.




22–29 March

How nice….hmmm. Or not. Spikes in your system? Confrontation and conflict? Wash it out. Exercise. Eat well. If you have any type of spikes here very easily bypassed by EARTHLY means — wash, clean, cheat life with simple activities, feel good in you and don’t think too hard or rather, don’t cheat yourself out of you by aggression or any type of “holy war” energy. Don’t look at the tv at all if you can fathom it. Don’t look at another if they do not want you or please with you. Just don’t

Be the simple person you are. Persevere with cooking, baking, loving, making and maybe baby making too. Be the good guy or girl who sews and knits and builds and does things that are free loving and home binding.

Very good time to start practice where you are conserving produce or you are knitting for your family. Great time to start making plans for a new baby. Very nice time to sit together in groups and meditate or talk about life together as one.

It’s not good to grudge or to discharge comments that you do not need to say

Bad time for war in the bedroom as well as the home. Keep it clean calm and sincere

The nurture you will be gaining through this will be IMMENSE


29–31 March

Very nice to be creative and quiet here. Remember how your ancestors would knit or craft in the dark by the candle. Great time to sing them songs over a cup of tea or even reminisce over the flame of the candle about the old ways or the old people in your culture

Very great time to be cooking traditional foods and traditional ways of dress. Very nice energy for soft spoken poetry of old and old fashioned feelings

Not a good time to start something that is completely out of the ordinary this week at all or to start a thing that nobody ever has seen. We have retrogrades here though we do have the Arian energy present too. But for us all we must just acquire a muse or a very old blueprint that we work through not to be totally confused and totally elevated by something so odd and strange that we can’t conceive it in the new Rooster year

So step backward to go forward with gusto and light. Be it — that which you are and were for centuries maybe. Grow out your hair, speak truth and be you — the real natural you and this year will give you more than you ever thought would be true.


Peace love and understanding


(astrology goddess)