Predictions 22–28 October 2017 — Trust your being

This is a fabulous week to trust yourself more — to see the beauty beyond yourself — to see the profound being that you are — to truly understand and truly succumb to that which you naturally do or that which stimulates you in all naturalness and peace.

Trust, and in that — do not be swayed by other people as this is important. If you aren’t swayed by something or you somehow know your way without having to be pushed under by another’s opinion — that’s good — great to be still and silent and yes — very good and obvious to just go with it — the instinct, the idea, the ideal, the formula — that which is right for you — nobody else. Go with that which now should be obviously real to you.

Not good to look over another’s person’s life or over your own shoulder to see who is watching — not good to try and involve yourself in another’s interests and not good to ask or search for interaction and compliments if they aren’t naturally genuinely and organically given.

Fantastic week to be alone actually and see where your focus lies — very good week to be pure and true. The distilled mindless and chatter-less self — the special “just for my eyes only” self is the best self — the most pure and most potent self with no voyeur questioning your life. This is the brightest self. The clearest self. Be that self here, and if you do need to fast to see that — then fasting is appreciated by the body and mind. If you do need to walk out there and just keep on walking — great, you are a free person. If you do not need anyone’s opinion or anyone’s formula to write over your own — you’re the winner here and there are no ways to be otherwise. Embrace that. As yes — some of us did grow up here fast.

If solitude comes easy and if drama leaves you behind this week — know that you have completed the greatest cycle of all — the greatest cycle of character forming and evolution of inner self perhaps in the recent weeks. If you aren’t caring about anything in the world and yet there is a strong push towards something — go through it — see where it takes you — but see — sometimes things take you 360 here. So don’t anticipate. Just see how it pans out. Work with the shadow or the push within — you might see that by now — you don’t like to push yourself — and here is a greater door opening still. Just see what comes up — nurture nothing — just work with it here. Be patient.


Sunday 22 October

Beautiful day for the way that you are already — great to grit no teeth or try here anymore — the week of trying to make something new or gently sway something has been well and truly completed — this is not the type of week to try but rather the week to just sit and observe if you can. Distil — in patience you will win.

Great time to create here nothing or to shape nothing — good to just be and in stillness you will feel the best way out.


Monday 23 October

Great frontier is seen here — as if you’re looking towards a mountain in the distance or a very life changing energy here — as if it’s not even yours yet but you can feel it — it is not even touchable yet but you can sense it — there is a lot of working towards here for people — towards a goal or towards a situation — just see it. Just see in simplicity what awaits you or where you are going without having to be a little girl or boy working things out — pushing buttons, making sense or making do — trust that the frontier is yours if it’s meant to be — and there are no true needs here to conquer. Just you and the mountain — things are just obvious here. Don’t question.


Tuesday 24 October

Beautiful day for the knowledge and the wealth that you have accomplished or walked into to be seen displayed for some — and understood. Yes I have been travelling. Yes I have made a multi million dollar company. Yes I have created a huge thing…or not — yes I have got many people I know. Yes I know how to grow my own vegetables — whatever this year has gotten itself to culminate as — here is your choice.

The choice is an interesting one — either you say — here I will grow MORE of me — e.g. I have got a house and I will probably innovate or sell it…or — Here I have a project that I don’t want and I can’t make it work anymore — I will have to give it away without being stuck up or jealous — I have got to do either — the work on top of things…or I have got to sell off or get rid of that which I have created and make something new or meet someone new. I will not get the new unless I give in and know what to do with my past accumulation

The choice is yours — it’s very obvious what it might be to another maybe not to you — but stick to yourself. Sometimes the weirdest decisions have the most heart and the most healing here.


Wednesday 25 October

This is a great day to be conservative or a little more on the ball with things — to know what you are saying and to have done the research or to be open in the heart before you launch something or see someone here. Great to be slightly on the important or the executive side for everyone it seems — but if we are fooling ourselves or if we’re trying to sound like something that we’re not — it is very visible to everyone involved and it just looks a little off to us.

So very good to be backed up by something that you know or understand. Self accomplishment and self reliance could be on most people’s lips here but if you aren’t sure of what you preach — do not. But if you are and it just comes so easily and you are smilling because of it — there is not a serious thought in the mind — you win. Automatically

Beware of wanting to be too serious or official where there is no need — you might feel an ageing coming on soon this year if you resume a stance or a demeanour which is not organically yours.


Thursday 26 October

This is a great time to become less polarised by truth. Now that the climax of the previous Jupiter cycle is reached you might see that suddenly it is not all truth or that — there is not just truth in the world but creation….which isn’t out of truth…it’s out of meaning.

You may find more meaning here than truth or more potency suddenly than clarity and in that there’s no choice — some of us are very sexually or secretly stimulated here. Maybe some of us would like to cause harm or maybe make vengeance even — and for some it’s not about any of that stuff — it’s just about money — or the creation of larger schemes.

See where this day treats you well or badly — see how it pans out — and what you see when you have the patience to watch it unfold. It might change faces many times.


Friday 27 October

Great union creating day that is very blessed for art for meaning for religion and spirituality — and also any type of situation of glorious and sensitive nature. After the first initial pulse of Scorpio we might now mellow a little and want to create beauty — yes the orgasm or the feeling of flourish in this sequence is here — as we watch ourselves indulge

Scorpio — the genital region of the Zodiac — might take us on a little bit of a journey — but if you haven’t made much meaning or much focus in the previous year you might see that this is a very short lived experience or something that feels pathetic or uninteresting.

Flourishing or opportunities can come here — even a feeling as if you’re watching the world through brand new eyes — if you don’t feel or see anything — SWITCH OFF YOUR LAPTOPS PHONES AND TV’S and try to see what is real here.


Saturday 28 October

Great time for trouble actually — here we have got…Halloween? No — that shouldn’t be celebrated or pronounced — it is not a good time to struggle with this weird and outdated belief — it is very good to understand that there is depth everywhere. We are always surrounded by it — it never has the “windows’’ to seep through more or less, it just lives right where light is as well — where we dwell all else dwells so disconnect from this silly holiday.

It would be just as well celebrating dust or celebrating mud…which would actually have a lot more fun for the whole family involved I am sure.

In terms of this day though — if you are smart enough not to prepare yourself for a “feast” of nothing — you might find that this is a great time to structure actually — to see how far the rabbit hole of reality goes.

Meditate here — on any door available to you and you might capture an interesting glimpse of possibility or indeed create a new outcome in your mind — to generate new ideas is to win here. To be sitting on your own or with very trusted people just dreaming like the ancients did — is very good.

Try that — don’t fool yourself…trust that maybe in just being stationary and being complete in the moment you might see a lot more of the world than other people disguise for themselves. Good window to be seeing….not a good window for candy and treats. Great time to just see into space and time — in a tangible and a very structured way. Just seeing the way things can go. Just seeing the opportunities for your lifetime or the immediate situation. It might pay off very well if you do not waste time here. Sit still and listen to yourself.

With love