Predictions 6–12 August ’17 — Featuring anew!

This is a good type of week to create a better version of that which is starting to gently and cleanly come to the surface now. The new or the sprouting old — is here. Either you have stayed with your blueprint from the past or you have created a brand new one based on the unconscious way of choosing, understanding and even breathing.

You might be a brand new you completely or you might be working out something that you would like to undergo again or what you would like to improve or perfect. That is good — it is also possible to have scattering between the old and the new at this time and not really be sure which way is up and which is down! That is not easy but it is even better — because here we get to grow what we have come to enjoy understand or develop about ourselves — and that means, if you don’t quite have a good grasp of who you are becoming — there are more things to develop and therefor more — much more to enjoy and to explore.

There is basically a lot of choice who are yet scattered and for those who think they are set — well, there isn’t as much choice but there are more choices within the ones that you have made — so keep going as you were and see what else could come of it!


Sunday 6 August

This is the absolutely best time to consider now — before the moon is full, how much you want something — what something or someone has meant — what is the gravity and the strength of that situation that is in your life right now. Beware — this is a very activating moon — so if you decide to perfect or accelerate something that you don’t really need — it’ll still work and though you might not want to excel in something — you will — based on your attention and your thoughts.

It would be good to see if there is anything that is dear or isn’t dear but important in some way — where you stand with work, responsibility and your purpose — also how you feel about yourself — what do you like and not so much enjoy about who you have become.

It might be nice to figure out if there is any type of feeling that is strong about anything here and from that feeling you might create progress much faster than you would normally do.

See where you can find that strength and the edge here. Feel it — protrude.


Monday 7 August

It is a good day to combat fear and use your diligence, clarity and voice to bust through old barriers with pride. It is nice to be a rooster here, a little cockier than usual maybe, perhaps a little too strong for your stature, but it does give a lot this window to anyone who is mighty feisty and open minded too.

The archetypal Aquarian energy kicks in with the full moon — strong, brutal, humanitarian, open and loving of change. If you can please avoid staying indoors, sitting alone or seeing life In a harsh constricting or unappealing way. It might be great to shed a lot of worries and pain here — including physical ailments of all kinds — through bursting through and stating that you will from now on be more proactive, be more open to change and perhaps more active too.

Great time to resolute or to bring up an idea — how to fix things or how to change the world even — those ideas and resolutions will come clear as day here. So — if you are the phenomenally open type of person — like myself — it might be good to push out some interesting ideas on this day — to grasp the ones that are coming from you in this window — to truly feel and truly open to the new.

This is a good tie to publish any old things, push through any old “I’m sorry” or “I miss you!” — it is good to ask for raises here, to change your situation, to walk out or to walk in! It is good — take the plunge if it is easy and is sitting on the tip of your tongue anyway!


Tuesday 8 August

This is a perfect vibe to continue — the momentum is set — If you have said that something or if you have done that something strange or crazy — don’t go changing anything here — keep on moving, keep on shifting through, keep pushing through — even if you might really fast feel that you have run out of steam or that you might regret things with time.

You will not — you have to pull or push something here? That means you’re good — that means that you’re living and that you have something new going on in your life. If you are trying not to work things out or if you are trying to push yourself under the rug — you might feel content in that and even laugh at other people’s interests or ideas during this time — but the best thing to do here is not to be pretentious — not to whisper behind people’s backs and not to hold on to anything

Push — because in this push there might be a ot more for you in the future than in the quite temptation to give in and give way to something or someone else. Don’t give way — push!


Wednesday 9 August

This is a very incredible potential unravelling day — it is very good to see if you can allow things to just resolve and kind of find their own places! If you draw, paint, walk or do something creative or active — even with business deals or other developments — you might see that the initial push of the Full Moon gave you some momentum — and now hopefully you can relax, let go and allow things to just fall into their rightful places!

Enjoy — and if you could find yourself the most comfortable place or the most comfortable experience this day — that is best. Uranus is a tough energy — in Aries — but in all Uranian acts — in all acts of change — there has to be space or stability to follow the big push. Because if there is no relaxation or stability — that means that the new growth you have connected to cannot be grown in comfort and security — so connect to a feeling of security here no matter where you are.


Thursday 10 August

This is a gorgeous time for presents of all sorts. It is a lovely time for Christmas like situations — with beautiful tastes, flavours and aromas. Great to invest some time into purchase of perfumes, food or any other type of sensory thing that you find aromatic and beautiful.

Here Leo is incredibly safe yet very zesty — it is a very good time to wine and dine, to be still sophisticated and proud. To enjoy, to give and to hold. Very enriching and purifying time too for the people that probably don’t usually receive. If you are — like me — not someone who usually makes the effort to pamper oneself — see if you can do it today — maybe just today. Because it’s a very good balancing energy for any type of individuals or lifestyles where a little goes a long way — or where it’s important to abstain from worldly pleasures — connect!

Connect to something lavish and even Christmas- like on this wondrous giving and heartily supporting energy. It might be a very long way off — but it does connect more family joy and abundance of any kind if you allow it to come in and welcome you into greater wealth and joy.


Friday 11 August

This is great little day for all sorts of self worth and rewiring — the momentum is here still — we can do a lot more now can you not see? Maybe you are able to afford more suddenly maybe not — with diet or with money — it might be a nice day to stick around and see what else you might find where you enjoy looking

It is good to go through that book again if you enjoy it — it is lovely to see that friend if you really enjoy their company or think of them a lot.

We are here exploring things that we like again and again and again for many of us — which is good — because for many of us it can be that these things do not stay — or maybe they do but we know them inside out — and they no longer have that faitful grasp on us.

If you have any addictions left over from before the full moon and you haven’t got any resolutions for change — don’t worry it’ll come. For those things that you love or obsess over even — keep going till they wear themselves out and see how good it would feel to be into the new by the end of the month :D


Saturday 12 August

This is a nice time for freedom. Ok so you have done and you looked and you tried — you may have more muscle now or at least brain power by the end of this week — you might even have a lot of new things happening in love or your work. This is good….now the main thing to say is….don’t count on them.

What you have pushed out might stay with you forever or might not — but you shouldn’t watch things grow — you just shouldn’t. If you are someone who likes to check your money in your account often or likes on your posts — don’t — see if things can grow like mushrooms after the rain.

If they don’t look hopeful — don’t think. It might be that things change in the last minute — if you have given your notice or given your manuscript out or something like that in the last week — don’t check in on it — see if you can consider it “gone “ — because things accelerate then and really end up working well for you!

In any case, it might be neat to spruce up after the “big fight” or the big purposeful “plunge” — you never needed it. That is the best way to end this week. Not because you have done badly or invested in the wrong, no — this week was about getting things through and getting things out of your system for good — it wasn’t about making them parts of your life

If you have succeeded and you have done what you willed to do this week — good. Rest. If you haven’t and you were holding on — that means parts of you weren’t brave enough to feel honest and open yet. That is ok — there are other breaks like this. Not for a while — a good while — but they will come

So consider this — if you have tried and failed it is better then not have tried at all.


With love