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Oct 9, 2015 · 3 min read

New to Podcasts? A list to get you started.

By this point, all my friends know I am obsessed with podcasts because I am constantly referring to something I heard on Altucher, On Being, Tim Ferris, NPR, Radiolab, etc. Even friends who never heard of the word podcast a few months ago, are now subscribed to half a dozen shows. I can imagine it must be hard to escape my enthusiasm and frequent nagging for friends to download a show I just heard.

The reason for my podcast love is simple. With two young kids under 5, finding time for reading or watching interesting shows is a struggle I lose. Attending lectures or other events is almost impossible. Since my discovery of podcasts, the entire world of information and conversation I crave so deeply is now a few clicks away. I can be washing dishes, running errands or shopping at Trader Joes while I am in a different world listening to fascinating people having intelligent conversations. Great podcasts are my magic carpet ride to great conversations and explorations on any topic I choose. I am obsessed with having all this knowledge on demand to enjoy during different parts of my day, and excited to share my favorite shows and podcasts with others.

Recently, I started a podcast in partnership with the I Want Her Job team. The I Want Her Job podcast is for sharing career advice and life stories with women leading the future of business in a variety of careers. We do your informational interviews for you so you can learn about different career paths on your morning commute. I am giddy with excitement for the all the upcoming conversations with women in different careers.

If you are new to podcasts here is a list of a few of my favorite shows by topic to get your started, and if you are really really new to podcasts, check out this how to subscribe guide from Gretchen Rubin’s blog.

Life/General Entertainment/Interviews/Conversations

On Being with Krista Tippet : If I was forced to choose only one download to take on a long trip, it would be On Being. In every show, Krista Tippett dives into the deepest spiritual questions with fascinating people. Krista’s knowledge of religious and spiritual topics alongside her curiosity and interviewing talents make every show a powerful experience. A few favorites to get your started: Craig Minowa, Elizabeth Gilbert, BJ Miller, Kevin Kling, Rebecca Solnit, David Brooks, Leonard Mladinow, Joanna Macy, Naomi Shihab Nye, Isabel Wilkerson.

Oprah Super Soul: Oprah is brilliant, as always. Fascinating interviews with a deep focus on purpose, meaning and spirituality.

Tim Ferris: As Jamie Foxx says, Tim Ferris if the Oprah of podcasting. He really is. If you are new to Tim Ferris, I suggest The Jamie Foxx interview. Another example of a show I couldn’t stop talking for weeks to anyone I met. It made me a lifelong fan, blame it on Ti-i-i-i mmm Ferris.

Fresh Air: no introduction needed for Terry Gross and her interviews.

RadioLab: Fascinating storytelling on numerous topics. Check out The Elements and CRISPR shows to sample their amazing work.

The Moth Podcast: excellent storytelling from people who have the guts and charisma to share personal events from their lives.

The Sam Harris podcast has deep, intense conversations about world events, science, politics, philosophy.

WTF with Marc Moran

Thinking Allowed BBC Radio 4

James Altucher: I love Altucher’s sharp, quirky mind and following his curiosity as he interviews fascinating people.



In our Time by BBC, are you curious about Cicero, Seneca, Plato’s Republic, Moses Mendelssohn? Each show digs into a topic with experts. One of my favorite shows for streching my curiosity and taking a break from 21st century issues.


Embedded: an NPR show going deeper into every day news stories. What is it like to be somewhere in the middle of a new story? This show is like virtual reality journalism. Imagine being in a hospital with Doctors without Borders or an inner city school riddled with gang violence? On the streets of El Salvador run by gangs. You will seriously feel like you are there while listening to this show.

Internet/Technology Economy/Start Ups

A16Z — The Andreessen Horowitz podcast

Re/Code, hosted by Kara Swisher

How I Built This

HBR IdeaCast

Fortune Unfiltered

Women’s Careers:

I Want Her Job: advice & interviews from ladies in leadership within corporate, entrepreneurial, creative, public service or non profit roles including an ongoing series of interviews focused on roles with expanding job growth or social impact.




NPR Books






Philosophy Bites

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