300 Students to Ban Plastic Cups in Their Cafeteria

We’re becoming more advanced and moving fast-forward, closing eyes on the impacts that we’re making.

By 2050, we will have produced 26 billion tons of plastic waste

Since the global population is continuously growing, it is necessary to counteract the negative environmental impacts as fast as we can through educating ourselves and withdrawing our harmful actions.

Encouraging Conscious and Harmonious Living

Towards this aim, HelioRec will perform social-environmental activities, such as increasing awareness about plastic pollution and consumption behavior in the favor of improving our lives and the environment. We have already started to work toward this direction. The program was designed and partially sponsored by HelioRec Team (Polina Vasilenko, Natalia Ivanova, Elly Ansari, and Adriana Coppola).

The First Step

The first project started in Federal Institute of Southern Minas (IFSULDEMINAS)university, in Brazil, with the help of lecturers, head of university, participation of 300 students and cafeteria staffs, was successfully organized.

This program consists of three sessions:

  • “Presentation” about global plastic and its pollution problems. The main purpose is to make participants aware of plastic pollution, its consequences, our share of impact and how we can reduce it with simple changes in their daily life.
  • “Zero plastic week” campaign; the idea is to compare the volume of plastic accumulated during the normal consumption week and “zero plastic week”, when participants try to avoid buying and using plastics as much as possible. This comparison allows us to be more conscious of our daily consumption and to find out which products with plastic packaging are impossible to avoid.
  • “Replacing” the one-time used plastic cups by eco-friendly mugs in the university cafeteria.

These sessions were prepared in IFSULDEMINAS university by the great help from Gabriela Belinato (professor of physics), Luis Frederico Motta (professor of chemistry), Lucy Mirian Campos Tavares Nascimento (professor of biology) and Vlander Verdade Signoretti (professor of geography).

Following this event, the participants were inspired and hope to mindfully change their consumption behavior toward harmonious living with other beings on the planet and make positive changes

We are looking to expand our social-environmental activities as much as we can in Brazil and other countries.

Stay tuned to hear more about this project in the coming weeks!


Read the report in Portuguese here.

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