Being a harmless human being! Please…

HelioRec Team
Dec 7, 2017 · 4 min read

Have you ever thought of being a harmless human being? Can we stop polluting air, water and soil? And maybe not take the life of other beings without a solid reason? We influence and destroy the ecosystems of the planet; we grow our harvests in the polluted soil; we eat plastic through consuming fish; we consume infected meat by antibiotics and GMO; we drink water poisoned by nuclear and chemical wastes… We do not think about tomorrow, only about today. We want to extract and consume as much as we can. We are not only harming the environment but ourselves. We come up with different inventions — GMO, nuclear weapon, chemical weapon, mass-media “weapon” and so on. We become smarter and develop a cleverer way to destroy things faster and broader. It seems like we are heading in a destructive direction…We consume and pollute more than what the planet can resume and renew. If we continue to do the same and follow the business-as-usual scenarios, human demand on the planet’s ecosystems is estimated to surpass more than the regeneration capacity of the nature by about 75% till 2020 and 50% till 2030 [1] and we will need two planets to support our being (Figure 1).

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Figure 1: Ecological Footprint [1]

Even after the nuclear accident, the nature could restore itself, if people do not interrupt this process (for instance, Chernobyl catastrophe, animals came back, and trees grow again in the region after 20 years).

Have you seen the numbers of population growth in the last 200 years? It was increased dramatically by 7 times, and every decade, it increases more and more (Figure 2).

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Figure 2: Growing Population in Period 1800–2050

When first time I saw this growing population graph, it remined me about the bacteria’s growth curve (“lag” and “log” phases, Figure 3).

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Figure 3: Bacteria Growth Curve [2]

In the beginning, it is couple of particles — “lag” phase (1–2 billion people in the period 1800 to 1927, 127 years, Figure 2). Bacteria appear not to grow at all, or very slowly, this is because cells require a period for adjustment, and synthesis. Later, bacteria start to split and exponentially grow — “log” phase (from 2 to 7 billion people for 84 years, Figure 2), this is the maximum state cell division, it continues as long as the cells have adequate nutrition and its environment is favorable. Human/animal’s disease symptoms usually develop during the “log” phase, and now our planet is at this stage and we can see the hazardous symptoms already. Once we will reach the “stationary” phase — rate of cell’s death equals the rate of multiplication, when population growth will be stopped because there are not enough resources to survive and sustain our lives, we will move to “decline” phase and in to the global catastrophe [2].

How can we prevent the “decline” phase and how could we survive in the current conditions? From which source we will take a right “pill” to heal our planet as soon as possible?… Remember by 2030 we will need two planets (Figure 1)!

We must stop this process and take responsibility; we should consume less and pollute less [3]. The basis of this problem is uneducated population growth, especially in the developing countries. We need to think about a sustainable way to control the population. The governments should implement a serious program embedded in the education system to change the mentality and train people how to live in the harmony with the planet and not against it.

If the population would have grown with a controlled pace (especially in the developing countries), there would have been less global problems; poverty, hunger, low electrification rate and etc. We do not need to invest money into solution of the consequence of the problem, we need to prevent it. It would be better to invest in educating our citizens than spending more resources to remove the negative impacts. Live smarter and in a peaceful way with our surroundings.

I can imagine that this article will be read by people who already knew about all the problems around us. Not sure that someone from corrupted governments will even give a thought about these issues. And it is sad!

We are screaming about the global warming, ice melting, CO2 emissions… but globally and individually, we are not doing our best. We are talking a lot about renewable and new technologies. Almost all countries signed their INDCs (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions). However, in the INDCs, some countries have agreed that they would not be able to reduce population growth and CO2 emissions because those countries are still in the developing stage and they need to get electricity from the “cheap” resources (for instance, burn coal).

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Maybe there is a hidden plan? And maybe humans are some kind of “bacteria”, who travel in the space and land to infect every planet… Probably by 2100, we would finish this mission and destroy the planet Earth… Let’s prepare for the next journey!?


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[2] P. Jeffrey. (2017). How Do Bacteria Reproduce? . Available:

[3] P. Vasilenko. (03.12.2017). The Renewable Energy Technologies? Not Sure…. Available:

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