The Renewable Energy Technologies? Not Sure…

What do you think? How humans survived 30 years ago when they consumed annually twice less electricity than now (1680 kWh/capita in 1984 and 3130 kWh/capita in 2014 [1])? One can say that it is the progress, and we need more and more resources to achieve new targets and bring our society to a higher level of development. I do not believe that progress could mean destroying other things, and in this case harming our “home”, our planet (the land temperature has increased ten times in the last 30 years: 1984–0.1 degC, 2014–1.03 degC [2]). The rising problems caused by this temperature rise are evident. The current consumption behavior is more likely a degradation and not a progress.

And what is the solution? Another could say that the solution is the development and implementation of renewable energy technologies, or decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and consequently, reducing temperature rise. What are we going to do when all potential Earth space will be occupied by solar panels and wind turbines, and the ocean space will be occupied by the wave energy converters and tidal turbines? And at the same time, electricity consumption and the population is dramatically and continually growing 7.6 billion in 2017 , estimated 9.7 billion in 2050? Why do we need to spend billions and billions on the development of the new technologies, if it is just a temporary solution, and we can not eliminate a global problem with it?

In my opinion, there are two main issues:

1. Human consumption behavior; the producers manipulate us, and we follow their rules, and we want more than we actually need.

2. Non-educated population growth; population in developing countries were increased dramatically — 1.5 times for the last three decades.

Let’s start with the first problem. Why do we need to consume more than we actually need? If we have two favorite pairs of jeans that we wear all the time, why did we buy the other six pairs? Because producers feed us unneeded items, and make us suffer if we do not have the last model of phone or better house than our colleagues. Why we cannot be happy with one functional phone, and once it breaks — buy a new one? We cannot… because of advertisement and manipulating messages, producers know the tricks, and we are like “donkeys following to unachievable carrot” (we will never be happy, because tomorrow, new “carrot” will be released). It is one of the reasons why the global electricity consumption increased by almost two-times for the last three decades. The solution? Just do not follow the “carrot”, less consumption, less production, less pollution, healthy planet.

And the second problem is the global population growth. Considering European population slow growth rate, the European residents recognize that family life style is not the only way to be happy, they invest their time in the career, hobbies and so on. Actually education “killed” European population growth, and it is a success for the planet itself. I believe if developing countries implement this concept of education and awareness of growing population, they could reduce the growth rate and increase the quality of life. It is wise to invest money in educational programs, which would help to change people’s mentality, in order to complement new renewable energy power plants replacing the fossil fuel ones.

Somewhere in India

So, renewable energy technology is not the one and only solution to avoid the planet degradation. In my point of view, human consumption behavior and non-educated population growth are the main roots of the global issues. Once we find proper solutions for these two problems, other issues would fade away themselves. Let’s hope for the sustainable and renewable future of our planet.

The North Sea (Germany) and Offshore-wind Farm


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