IntelFlows is now Polisensio

It’s been more than a year now since the three founders have registered IntelFlows officially.

A year of challenges, partnerships, developments, accelerator programs, funding, in short a thrilling adventure.

A full year of building a tool for municipalities, smart cities and other decision-makers to better assess and tackle the challenge of air pollution.

“It’s been and still is a journey where we learn all the time, improve on our different skills and acquire new ones.
It’s a constant buzz, where we have to address new challenges and create opportunities on a daily basis.
And I think that’s also one of the reasons why we enjoy building our startup.”
Cosmin Pirvu, CEO

IntelFlows stands for Intelligence Flowing, as reflected in one of our core pillars: the Network of Moving Sensors.

We wanted people to have an easy way to understand and easy to remember name. And IntelFlows was a good option, unless we consider other implications such as trademarks.

We became increasingly visible to both investors, corporates, officials, but also to the large public through our social media activities. Thereby, overtime we have been in contact with various companies, ranging from small startups to corporations such Daimler, DHL, etc.

As one may guess that put us on the spotlight to receiving a lot of feedback on our business but also on the name itself. Many times during networking events we’ve been asked if there is a connection between us and Intel Corporation, to which we replied negatively. 
 However those encounters meant valuable insights but also manage to ring some alarm bells, concerning trademarks and other legal identity related aspects.

So in the spirit of a lean startup, the team started to plan the necessary steps of a rebranding process although having a lot of developments upcoming, from new pilot projects to improved hardware, or forecasting capabilities for the software side.

With the focus on entering the market in a number of European countries, and not wanting to engage in any legal battle, regardless of the chances of success, we decided to commence the rebranding. It was welcomed with open arms by the company board and it also gave us the chance to consider other lessons learned about branding.

So long story short: IntelFlows is now Polisensio!

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