Polisensio — the story behind the brand

Jun 21, 2018 · 5 min read
Polisensio logo

We have recently gone through a rebranding process, updating our visual appearance and name.

We want to share with you the most important aspects of the new brand, the considerations behind it, and why we believe it helps us express the core of what we do.

In order to do that, we have touched upon the most important aspects of the brand: the name, the logo and why it describes who we are as a company.


1. Design

The design of the logo represents the stylised first two letters of the brand name, POlisensio.
In the same time the shape of the stylized two letters resemble with bird eye view of a highway junction/roads, many times the air pollution levels there exceeding the limits.

2. Color

At Polisensio the first step we take in addressing air pollution is to create a complex overview of the levels of air pollution. Thereby the colour, a subtle gradient starting from orange and ending in light red suggests precisely the harmful emissions contrast that are found too often find in cities.


When planning the steps of the rebranding process, coming up with a new meaningful name was a top priority. We wanted something easy to remember and in the same time suggesting the vision with powerful words. We brainstormed extensively for about 3 weeks and after many iterations of playing with words …

the Eureka moment came!!! …

Polisensio … standing for Pollution Sensing!

Besides suggesting the vision, it also represents the technology used namely Sensing Tech and the strong purpose behind the use of it - pollution. Now, one might wonder why not a double “L” followed by “U” straight as in the word “pollution”. On one side “Poli” suggests the multitude of sensors used to gather the data. On the other side, “sensio” is the actual activity of sensing.
Last, if taken as “Polis”, the first part of the name can be seen as a deeper suggestion, one pointing towards the actual place where we deploy the sensors, in cities. The word “city” in Greek language comes translated as “Polis”, given in ancient Greek times to well developed cities.
Thus,in the past, almost as an archaic form of branding the word Polis was given to chosen cities. For the cities of tomorrow, we want them to embrace Polisensio as a brand that represents their focus on sustainability, innovation and their active fight on air pollution.

The company’s pillars are the brand’s recognition highway

From the very beginning Polisensio had three core pillars that build the solution overall, hardware and software wise.

Founder’s values are the brand’s fuel

We are establishing Polisensio as a strong brand having at its core a set of values inherited from the founding fathers of the company itself.

In summary, Polisensio as a brand is and always will represent a badge of innovation and sustainability, a set of values through which our customers and partners grow next to us. All this while fighting for the fundamental right of breathing clean air.
Join polisens.io!!!
“Change is in the air”
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