Different metal polishing kits

The devils in the detail, the better you prepare the surface the better the finish. In many instances using abrasives both wet and dry up to 800 or 1200grit sets you up for a great looking finish. You’ll also need to decide what machine you like to use i.e. variable speed drill, bench polisher, polisher sander rotary type machine or a combination of machines. Sometime accessibility is an issue then using a drill mounted kit is appropriate. If it’s an expansive area then the polisher sander machine is more efficient. If its small parts then a bench polisher may be appropriate.

There is an extensive array of polishing kits for different requirements and choosing one can sometimes be difficult. Polish Up makes this challenge a little easier for you. Herewith a few examples using some of their product range:

Polishing stainless or alloy :200mm Steel Polishing Kit

An excellent combination polishing kit that can be used with a bench polisher or rotary sander.Ideal for use on steel and stainless steel or Alloy and other metal surfaces.

This kit has an extensive array of polishing and buffing applications and will give you a brilliant “mirror” finish.

2 x 400 x 400mm White Microfibre cloths

1 x 8" x 2 Section Colour stitch Polishing Wheel. Can be used for cutting and polishing. Used with the GREY Fascut Compound bar in this kit for stainless and Brown Tripoli for alloy.

1 x 8" x 2 Section White Stitch Polishing Wheel for minimal cutting and high finish.Used with the WHITE SS Finish Compound bar or Green Chrome for high finishes in Stainless and alloy.

Vienne Lime — Whiting Powder 250grams

Use this to remove grease and compound residues after polishing. Apply it to the microfibre cloth and wipe where you’ve been polishing. Please note that Vienna Lime is not an actual lime powder but a pure form of super fine calcium carbonate (chalk).

250ml Liquid Reflection metal polish

This is applied with a cloth then wipes with a microfibre cloth, contains soft, fine alumina to gently polish and restore metal surfaces such as:- Brass- Stainless Steel — Chrome- Aluminium&Aluminium Alloys. Liquid Reflection is ideal for polishing jobs to be done by hand, and imparts an unbeatable shine. Ideal for jobs such as polishing:

- Stainless & brass boat fittings

- Bullbars, rims and alloy fuel tanks

- Household brass and Stainless cutlery

- Restoring scratched and dull kitchen sinks

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