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Metals are the important part of the house. There are different types of metals that we use in our homes like steel, aluminium, brass, copper, etc. They are also used at other places. The metals become dull with the passing of time and will require polishing. Polish Up is a company which can help you with their polishing kits but it is important to find which is the best product or kit to use.

Polish Up has a huge selection of the polishing wheels, compounds and accessories. It is very important to understand which compound works with which type of metal. The metals you want to polish will vary in hardness and to attain the desired finish means using the required wheels and compounds to do the job. A polishing kit used for stainless steel may not work for brass metal.

Dimensions of polishing wheel

Polishing wheels or mops come in various sizes. As an example a 4” X 1” polishing wheel is a 4 inch or 100 mm diameter mop with an approximate thickness of 1” or 25mm. Some ofthe common diameters which are sold by them are the 2”, 4”, 6”.8” and 10”.Eache section is usually 12.5mm thick and polishing wheels can be made to order depending on thickness. The polishing wheels are used with a variety of machines from variable speed drill machines, bench polishers to rotary type polisher sander type machines. Should you require a unique size or type of wheel then don’t hesitate to contact Polish Up.

Types of polishing wheels

There is an extensive range of polishing wheels to choose from for example:

Sisal Polishing Wheel. These are very fast cutting and hard, they are particularly useful for first stage heavy duty mopping operations on steel and non-ferrous metals. They will remove grinding marks left from previous operations, when processing steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metals and are usually used in conjunction with a coarse cutting stainless steel polish.

Colour Stitch White Stitch Polishing Wheels. Versatile cutting mops used for general polishing, can be used for first stage polishing with Brown polishing compound on soft metals (brass, copper, etc), or for second stage polishing on hard metals with Pink polishing compound.

Loose Flap Quality Polishing Wheel .A harder grade of loose mop which is commonly used as an alternative to white stitch mops. Very popular for precious metals.

Swansdown (WDR) Polishing Wheels A very soft grade of finishing mop. WDR means “white double raised” and these wheels are also known as Swansdown wheels. Generally used for soft precious metals, jewellery etc. in the final finish.

Dome Cylinder Goblet Polishing Wheels: Supplied in sisal and calico these drill mounted polishing mops are used to access tight and difficult to reach areas. Excellent for use in maintenance kits, the calico mops can be used with most of our compounds. The sisal mops can effectively be used with our cutting compounds.

Mounted Felt Cylinder Bob: Versatile across many mediums, these medium density points will work on stone, ceramics, metals, as well as jewellery . Bonded onto a 3mm/6mm shaft that fits most rotary tools or drill machines. These felts tools are a popular and economical method of polishing when used in conjunction with compounds.

Polishing Compounds

Polishing compounds vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Below is a selection of some of the compounds sold by Polish Up:

Blue bar = Multisite: The multi-purpose finishing compound. Suitable for all metals. Also performs well as a cutter if used ona hard cotton or sisal buff.

Brown bar = Tripoli: Combined cutting and finishing compound for soft metals only. Suitable for alloys, aluminium, brass, copper and zinc diecast. Follow up with a finishing compound if a brighter surface is required.

Grey bar =Course Cutter: A fast and economical cutter for hard metals. The rate of metal removal is high, with less emph asison brightness. To be used on sisal buffs for the removal of scratches and “orange peel” from all metals.

Green bar = green Chrome: For mirror finishing with minimal cut. Best used after a perfect cutting or pre polishing operation. Polishes all metals to high brightness when used on a soft cotton buff.

White bar = SS Finish: For high brightness and good cut. Suitable for all metals, including stainless steel. Recommended for surfaces that are smooth to begin with and are free of deep scratches. Use a sisal buff for cutting and a cotton buff for bright finishing.

Terracotta bar = Bright Cut DX: A fast cutter for all metals with medium brightness. May be used on a sisal buff for cutting, followed on a cotton buff for medium brightness.

Metal Polishes: Liquid Reflect, Blue Sapphire, Mirror finish metal polishes are used in your final application to maintain a long lasting bright finish to your polished surface. These polishes can be used in the maintenance of your polished items as well.

Combinations of these polishing wheels and compounds will create an exceptionally high finish depending on your requirements.

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