Questions #3

Is it possible to be totally pragmatic, with no ideology? It’s impossible for a human to be completely pragmatic as everyone has thoughts and ideas on the way things should be. It is also impossible to change improve a system without people who support the ideas put into place, which are motivated by ideology.

How did classic liberalism turn into U.S. conservatism? During the end of the 1800s, there were large income gaps, so some groups created modern liberalism thinking the government could solve that problem while others followed classical liberalism but focused on tradition and family influenced by Burke to solve the social ills.

How close are modern liberalism and social democracy? Social democracy is the end game of modern liberalism as expressed by leadership. Both desire large government welfare states.

What changes did Lenin make to Marxism? Created the concept of economic imperialism. Newly industrialized countries were being exploited by the mature. Only by cutting off the colonies would capitalism fall. Went global, focused on countries instead of the bourgeoisie.

Why is nationalism the strongest ideology? It creates a since of other that is clear and present, creates a victimhood feeling and can mix with other idelologies fairly seamlessly.

What are the main elements of fascism? Extreme nationalism, uniforms, and socialism

What is “Islamism,” and why is it dangerous? angry blend of religion, nationalism, and socialism that has armies of young fanatics somewhat controlled by corrupt rulers.

Do any ideologies attract today’s students? With so much indoctrination on the environment in school, many support the Green parties

Could ideological politics die out? Not likely anytime soon… as we see even when ideologies are proven wrong they still have people who argue that they just weren’t implemented correctly. As people from the third world get richer and more educated they will also find different ideologies to follow, such as Islamism recently