Donald Trump and the Central Park Five
Matt Haughey

And so because Reyes, a horrible creature, says he was alone this means that we’re all supposed to buy it lock, stock and barrel? Um, err, no. To assert racism because Trump wanted justice for a women brutally raped, and, yes, probably by Reyes et al, uh, yeah, is beyond inane. It is not that Trump is a racist piece of shit, it is that anyone who thinks so is a stupid piece of shit, quite obviously. Evidence against the five was stacked high. And we are not supposed to jump down Reye’s rabbit hole. The others were guilty too, not innocent just because Reyes says so. They were convicted by a jury, not of their peers because they are sub human and have no peers. They were bragging about their rape, bragging. But since Reyes says he was alone, well, then, he was alone. Wow. Trump is smarter than this guy Haughey, his mother, his father, his entire family and everyone else he knows, combined.

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