The Madness of King Trump
Yvonne Owens

During the Clinton years N Korea insisted that the US give it money for starving people in that country, or that they’d sell powerful bombs to our enemies. Clinton said uh hult, uh hult, and gave them the money. Of course, the people still starved and the bombs still were sold to our enemies. Duh. By the way, Clinton did talk of ‘annihilation’ (1993) if nukes were pursued, yeah. Then, during the Bush years we had six party talks, with the genius of Dr. Condoleza Rice in that mix. Leader of N Korea, by then Kim Jong Ill, slowed his nuke aspirations to a minimum, mostly on ice. Then, during the Obama years FIVE rockets launched, each one exponentially more powerful than the one before it. It is deplorable that the Obama White House said and did nothing, save for a few stabs at “diplomacy”. Enters President Trump, who inherited a very emboldened Kim Jong Un. So, then, appeasement did not work during the Clinton years (though nukes were not pursued overtly because at least Clinton had the sense to make clear that the US would annihilate them), six party talks were only going to be only as effective as the successor to Bush would be, with a real responsibility to lead, but no leadership at all, none, and now we have a real problem there. To point at President Donald J Trump as dangerous on the issue is as stupid as it is ignorant of the history just laid out for ya.