“Suicide Prevention Month”

A repost from my facebook status, today.

Not a fan of “Such-and-such Awareness Day” or “Blah-bibbity-blah Prevention Week.”

If you’re wondering why these things exist on federal, state, and local calendars, it’s usually because these are among the first laws that “newbie” elected officials pass. It’s like a practice run for the real stuff…the big laws that could make a difference. Not that I’m insisting there’s a backhanded reason why they do this…there’s A TON of nuance and procedural hangups that you have to get through in order to pass laws, and these “[Insert Cause Here] Month”-type of laws are just the easiest way to get them through it.

That’s why the occasions are random and jump out at you from nowhere. There’s not always significance behind it…sometimes they just pick an opening on the calendar and go for it.

So…on “Suicide Prevention Month” (an issue I actually do care about, by the way), I’m going to still remain unmoved. Partially b/c, as I said, I’m not a fan of these types of things. But mostly…it’s because retweets and facebook shares aren’t going to really do anything for suicide prevention. Not that any of you are bad people, but just we as a species have already forgotten about last week’s viral cause.

Also…suicide prevention is one of the hardest things to do. I mean, you’re having to help someone fight against their own mind and, actually, you’re just wading in to the middle of it all…they’ve been at this for a while now. This aint easy and usually ends up destroying friendships before the battle is over.

So, truly…good luck to those who are actually in the slog of the fight to prevent suicide.

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