If you haven’t already seen the campaign, where have you been hiding?

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Late last week, the StandUp4Brexit grassroots campaign was launched, and has already made a massive impact with national media involvement and MPs turning out to support the movement.

As of writing, the Daily Express has featured a video kindly recorded by Maria Caulfield in which she gives her reasons for chucking Chequers and why she will StandUp4Brexit. Her three key points are based on the fact that she promised her constituents at the General Election last year that, whether they voted Leave or Remain, she would absolutely stand up and get them the possible deal for them and this country as we leave the EU in March next year. For Maria, the Chequers deal doesn’t do that.

Her reasons for ditching Chequers were:

  1. It will make it very, very difficult indeed for us to be able to set up free trade agreements with countries outside the EU because of the close regulatory alignment we’ll have to follow under the common rulebook,
  2. It has the Northern Ireland backstop within it, which means that if we try and move away from the EU in any meaningful way, Northern Ireland will be made to keep in close line with the EU while the rest of the UK makes its own way. That is absolutely unacceptable. We need to be one United Kingdom as we go forward; and
  3. We promised to ‘take back control’, and with the oversight of the European Court of Justice we really won’t have left the EU.

Late last night, Andrea Jenkyns (my personal Brexit saviour) added the #StandUp4Brexit hashtag to her profile. Even those involved in the campaign were shocked by this level of support, but every one of us could not be more grateful. (Sidenote: I play a very small part and none of it is coordinated by me!)


So far, Ben Bradley, Andrea Jenkyns, Steve Baker, Simon Clarke, Maria Caulfield, Ross Thomson, Henry Smith, and John Flack MEP have pledged their support, a whopping seven MPs, and one MEP.

Ben Bradley, Henry Smith and Maria Caulfield have even recorded personal messages for the campaign which is absolutely brilliant!




Sky News also featured a top of the hour segment for most of the afternoon/evening yesterday featuring Peter Ward, one of the key activists of the campaign. He states in the interview that whilst he doesn’t know how the 3,000,000 newly-registered voters voted in the referendum, it would be disingenuous of anyone to take ownership of their vote for their own agenda. He concludes with the key point that for these first-time voters, it would be wrong to disenfranchise them with the electoral system, by showing that the majority vote was not carried through.


Even The Guardian has featured the campaign!

The campaign’s goal is to ask MPs to push for a full rejection of the Chequers deal, as it will leave us with a Brexit in name only, or BRINO.

Have you contacted your MP yet about Brexit, or Chequers? They are accountable to you, so we must all make our voices heard, even if we know they won’t listen. If a grassroots campaign can make so much noise in just a couple of days, with over 2,500 followers and a list of MPs supporting it, then we can indeed all play our part in pushing for democracy.

Let’s face it. This isn’t just about leaving the EU any longer, it’s about the overuse of executive power to push for something that no-one voted for, neither Leave or Remain. It is our duty as UK citizens to ensure that Government (and Parliament more generally) implements our wishes, and by pushing this campaign further and making our MPs publicly accountable, we can achieve great, positive things.