Clump of Cells

Unfortunately, the political left seems to be bound up with mass murder. Stalin’s Russia, where millions of people were killed, the killing fields of Cambodia where millions of people were killed, Vietnam where hundreds of thousands of people were killed, and, in the United States, we have our own peculiar institution which is ferociously fought for by the left, abortion.

There’s so much politicized language surrounding abortion. Right now I’m going to examine one particular bit of language that is often used by proponents of abortion, the phrase “a clump of cells”, which is how a human life in its earliest stages is often characterized by those who support abortion.

Think of the word “clump”. It has a derogatory connotation to it. A clump of cells is nothing special, it’s nothing in particular, just a clump. Often the left claims that they are pro-science, however, this is a very unscientific and unclear definition of the earliest stages of human life. Saying the phrase a clump of cells, tells us nothing about what sort of cells we are talking about, and really, it’s just a way to denigrate a human being in the earliest phases of its existence just as the “n word” was a way to denigrate black people.

Because bigotry is always irrational and based on prejudice, there is no rational way to justify it. Whether it’s bigotry towards blacks or the unborn, since it’s irrational people need a word or phrase that describes the person in a derogatory way, and then they use that phrase as a basis of discrimination.

Think about the n word. Obviously, the color of someone’s skin is a secondary characteristic that has no meaning beyond the fact that that person’s ancestors lived close to the equator so they have more melanin in their skin. So, the tactic is to call them the n word, which is a shorthand way to say that they are inferior, and then to use that as an excuse to exploit them. Since bigotry can never be rational, bigots need to rely on tactics such as name calling.

The only difference between the unborn and those that have been born is their size and location, which, like the color of skin, is a secondary characteristic that has no bearing on the worth of that particular person. To suggest otherwise is bigotry. But for some reason, bigotry against the unborn is embraced and celebrated by the left, even while they call everyone who disagrees with them a bigot. That’s very ironic, since they are practicing the worst form of bigotry occurring in the United States today: advocating that certain members of the human race to actually be murdered due to irrelevant secondary characteristics.

I could actually call anyone a clump of cells. Any human being who has been born and is grown could be called a clump of cells. I’m a clump of cells, but my cellular structure just happens to be more complex than that of those humans whose lives have just begun. So, we see that calling an unborn child a clump of cells is bigotry at its worst. Clump of cells and the n word, it’s all the same. According to this logic, a toddler’s cells are less fully developed than that of an adult human, so compared to an adult human, is a toddler just a clump of cells? Where does one draw the line, and is it rationally possible to make such a distinction? Who is a clump of cells and who is a human being with human rights?

What about the claim that abortion is good for women? There are so many aspects to this question which I will deal with in detail in later blogs. For now, I will say that abortion is one of the worst exploitations of women in human history. And we have the unfortunate situation where many women in America are marching and fighting for their own exploitation.

Let’s stop the bigotry. All human beings, regardless of the color of their skin, how large or small they are, their gender, their disabilities, the amount of wealth they have, are all totally equal. All human life has equal value, and we need a United States where we fully apply the ideas in the Declaration of Independence, that all people are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. No exceptions.

By accepting the idea that abortion is necessary, women are embracing the very principle of bigotry that was used against them. Due to the secondary and irrelevant characteristic of gender, women were denied the right to vote and the right to own property in the United States. Racism, abortion and sexism all have the same underlying theme: unjustified bigotry. Why would women embrace the principle of bigotry that is inherent in abortion and then say that that makes them free?

Women need to unite against bigotry and sexism and fight to end abortion. Not only does abortion deprive the unborn of their rights, but it is pure sexism to say that women need abortion to be free.