Angela Eagle’s campaign and Labour’s crisis
Owen Jones

I must admit that this feels a bit esoteric to me, watching it from the outside in Scotland. Yes, it feels like I’m watching it from the outside, and yet it affects me.

The most critical conclusion one can draw from what has happened in Westminster, is that it is entirely incapable of reform. It is barely functioning. I think you said in one of you videos that the Tories would unite first, but I’m not so sure. If it’s a square-off between Leadsome and May among the membership, then who knows who will win.

We could be watching the Tories elect its own Jeremy Corbyn. I’m quite critical of Corbyn, and I think he’s a part of the incompetence on display at Westminster. Between a viper’s nest of backstabbing PLP MPs and the barely functioning leadership, my thought is that I want to get off this ship. Fast.

So, whether Labour unites or not seems beside the point. The UK is dysfunctional, at the time of a huge crisis. The judgement that led people to launch a coup attempt at this point, and for so many Labour MPs to join in on it, is lacking. With the Tories possibly electing an inflexible zealot that’s going to trigger Article 50, I don’t think we’ll get any governance at all.

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