State of the Union sets Europe against American ‘globalisation’ games

‘Europe is freedom, Europe is equality, Europe is the rule of law’.

European economic and political democracy is the antidote to the New American Century’s globalised crony capitalist interests

Thus spoke Jean-Claude Juncker of the Union. In fact, he spoke of many Unions: an Energy Union, a Social Standards Union, a Security and Defence Union, a Capital Markets Union, a Banking Union and a Digital Single Market.

All dependant upon a Union of values. Like thousands of years ago Europeans want to be free to reach eudaemonia. The forefathers of our democracy knew this: free society from the tyranny of corrupt rule and you free the individual to realise its union with the Platonic good.

As we emerge out of the shadows of the 2007–08 financial crash, the State of the Union Address affirms our code of ethics. The vision for Europe as we take on the challenges of what can only be described as the ‘New American Century’ (from the horse’s mouth) is the antithesis and antidote to the American interests that crashed the people of the world out of their job and home for the pursuit of their wanton expansion. In isolation we fall prey to the predators of the new world order. In Union we’re strong.

Stateside civic society is out of commission and cronies hold the reins of power. Here, civic society shapes the Union through institutions and laws. Here, the demos makes democracy. The people of Europe must participate in the rule of law and share in power equally, as nations, as interest groups, as citizens.

Europe does not pit one social group against the other. Europe seeks and discovers the common good upon which it legitimises its authority. The American empire thrives on discord, domestically and abroad, relies on civic unconsciousness, and makes sure every single man, woman and child under its wingspan is stirred and defined by fear.

In America the apolitical, apathetic and atomised individual, the ‘idiot’ in classical philosophy terms, is the servant to the king. In America crony capitalism is king. In Europe the law is king, and the people its defenders.

Our principle is not that might makes right. Our conviction and communion is in right makes might, a mighty society, economy and polity.

At the heart of our law, the European Parliament. Its oxygen, public debate. Over the last three years, Members of the Commission have visited national Parliaments more than 650 times, debated in more than 300 interactive Citizens’ Dialogues in more than 80 cities and towns across 27 Member States. 2018 is tipped to be the year of democratic conventions across Europe.

Europe is not, say, Russia. Neither American nor Chinese ‘investors’ are going to pounce on our public assets under the guise of a free trade agreement and pull social and national security from under the feet of Europe’s people.

The Parliament will be fortified to make decisions as an open information and participation forum. Because openness generates openness. We want an open and level playing field where we can do business on the terms that benefit our people. Our social, environmental, and human rights protections have been won too hard over generations to be sacrificed at the altar of profit now.

Investor behaviour is already regulated with acts like MiFID which aims to prevent black market activity in the exchanges of Europe. A new EU framework for investment screening will make sure investor interests don’t override people interests, as is the case in America and anywhere in the world it has dug in with its bloody grasping claws.

To wreak second class consumers, second class workers and second class citizens is par for the course for the American empire. We strive for a single tier community, a single tier Europe.

This is where the rule for ‘the same pay for the same work at the same place’ comes in, along with a new common Labour Authority to inspect and enforce fairness in our single market, and the continuous work for a European Social Standards Union to develop a common understanding of what is socially fair.

Only a fair society is a united society. Inequality breeds servitude and tyranny. Only a dedicated democracy can remain free. European democracy is more than the sum of its national campaigns.

And European economy is not a zero sum game but a path to collective prosperity. To open up the Euro and Schengen to all member-states is to open up that path.

We must remove the thorns from it and reduce the remaining risks from external shocks by completing the Banking Union, and by creating a Minister of Economy and Finance. Otherwise, to have rules without the mechanisms to enforce them and to have financial instruments without the institutions to coordinate them, makes the Union non-unified.

A rapid and resolute response is needed in times of crisis, and more crises will come, for the globalised American interests are driven by destructive instincts. That’s why our Council should have the capacity to reach decisions more often and more easily by qualified majority —a course the “passerelle clauses” in the current Treaties allow — and with the equal involvement of the European Parliament.

Fast decisions will be needed on big financial issues like taxing big corporations where their profits are made, on VAT, on regulating the digital industry and on the financial transaction tax. They will also be needed on foreign policy if we want to have more weight in the word.

The world will hear the truth about our actions and beliefs. Disinfo and propaganda against us will not go unanswered. A new Cybersecurity Agency and intelligence unit should be able to counter the Russian and Trumpian machines and the interestest they both serve.

New rules on the financing of political parties and foundations will deal with the anti-European extremist stooges of the same interests internally.

Europe seeks to unite, not divide. Europe is not the sum of fractured and fractious parts but one indivisible whole.

When European people live in solidarity, Europe lives in solidarity with its neighbours.

Our European Border and Coast Guard has helped national border guards to significantly stem illegal migration. With a twin policy of stepped-up returns and a functioning Africa Trust Fund, to avoid a repeat of the 2015 mass exodus when the UN’s World Food Programme ran out of funds, we will eliminate illegal entry into Europe. As to legal migration, we will make it easier for skilled migrants to contribute to our economy and society.

All around us a sea of problems the rulers of America have brought on every corner of the world. Their dream of empire has globalised their corrupt system. Europe must sail that sea staying true to itself as a true democracy that produces political and economic equality, nurtures free-thinking active citizens, and supports fair dealings and high standards in the markets of the world.

We must sail as one ship with one captain — one President elected by a pan-european electorate.

We are one economy, one law, one polity. One Union.

(You can read the State of the Union Address in full here to compare the main messages to our analysis. The Brexitannian coverage of it rather smacks of virtual reality.)