After Dems Crime Bill, They Now Need Super Predators Votes To Survive…

Bill Clinton on St Mtn (the Home of KKK), pushing his tough on Crime Bill

The democrats are complete trash to me, after destroying black communities and disenfranchising generations of black men, women and youth; they now need their votes to survive.

However, these same people have done nothing to stop the recidivism that feeds the private prison machine that they all profit from. They also have not worked to make the many black communities whole again after they were destroyed via mass incarceration and the so-called war on drugs. The only growth we see in any of these communities has been mass gentrification by white liberals, and the complete erasure of the black faces who once fought to survive there.

So after decades of using black communities to fill private prisons and slave labor, they now need these same people to save their party. Sadly, John Lewis was one of the five democrats who voted against the 1st Act Bill on Prison Reform…because Lewis is a hack who does what he is told by his liberal and corporate owners, and supporting any issues that would somehow make Trump look good to black people is an absolute no no, no matter how impactful it could be to black people.

Democrats wasted no time to register former felons in Alabama to vote for Doug Jones, yet poor blacks in Alabama have been found to suffer from Hookworm disease, a rare disease normally only found in third world countries. All of this while people lauded and applauded when Congresswoman Terri Sewell was elected as the 1st black woman to congress from Alabama. Sewell is an and Ivy League Princeton Grad who can afford to wear $5K Saint John suits to work, yet poor people living in Alabama are pushed to register to vote to keep people like her, the democrat party establishment and Doug Jones in power. As they suffer unimaginable diseases and poverty. All of this while democrats give millions for Sanctuary Cities, Illegal Immigration and other forms of welfare to support the undocumented, but they are not fighting for the millions of America’s poor (especially DOS) that were actually born here.

“Our billionaire philanthropists like Bill Gates fund water treatment around the world, but they don’t fund it here in the US because no one acknowledges that this level of poverty exists in the richest nation in the world.”~Catherine Flowers — The Guardian article below.

Democrats are good at using black people as firewalls, mules and props to further their white supremacy (and a certain class of black people are all too willing to oblige, as long as they get their piece of the pie for doing so), while never giving anything to those communities in return.

Lastly, I am beyond sick of democrats using black people as excuses for them to stack the voting ballots with undocumented immigrants…every black person in America has an ID, it’s insulting to keep using that lie (as though black people are too poor and ignorant to have an ID) in order for them to slip in people who should not be voting. You can’t get any form of government assistance, housing or healthcare without an ID, and democrats are complete frauds to continue pedaling this worn out lie.

P.S. Anyone (sans murder) who has paid their dues to society should always have their voting rights restored, once completed. However, that’s not why democrats are pushing for this now.

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach