Atlanta Mayor’s Race and the African Americans using Racism as a Tool to Further White Supremacy in Blackface…

This isn’t a blog but a response to the LIES & IGNORANCE being pushed by a Black man on twitter who goes by, Isaac Hayes III (he is definitely nothing like the singer). Mr. Hayes is on a twitter rant attacking Mary Norwood (Norwood is an Independent who voted for both Obama & Hillary) as a republican or someone who cosies up to republicans, yet the current Mayor Kasim Reed (Keisha Lance Bottom’s mentor, supporter & partner in crime), is known for his ties with current republican Gov Nathan Deal, as a matter of fact, Kasim & GA Democratic Party destroyed Jason Carter’s (Jimmy Carter’s grandson) chance to be governor of Georgia by using racism to rile up Black folks (as they’re doing now against Mary) all while Reed was in bed with Nathan Deal ensuring his re-election and ensuring that Reed’s wife would be given a cushy job along with many other backroom deals as well.

Here’s a free tip for Mr. Hayes, stay out of politics if you’re too naive and blind (& only furthering the destruction and abuse of African Americans) to see the truth or too corrupt & partisan to speak it…and Angela Rye nor Kamala or Cory, have anything to do with Atlanta politics and no Black person with half a brain, should place their votes based on what those three sellouts shills for the establishment think. The below video is what voting almost 50yrs for Black mayors/leaders have gotten Black people in Atlanta.

Courtesy of Gary Cox — The truth that elite Blacks in ATL want hidden
When a picture is worth a thousand words — District 11 after decades of Black Misleadership & Keisha Lance Bottoms
Ignorant tweet by a slave
Obama, fraternizing with the enemy a Republican Gov Crist
Mayor Kasim Reed, celebrating with Republican Gov. Nathan Deal

Lastly, I don’t have an issue with politicians working across the aisle in public because we all know they do so behind our backs against us daily…

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach