Congressional Hispanic Caucus Does NOT Fight for Black Issues, but CBC ALWAYS Fights for Theirs…#Immigration #BLM

A quick internet search on the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) and issues that have affected Black people, literally brings up nothing. However, in doing the same search on the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) on issues like Immigration etc., there are a plethora of stories that populate for your review. It’s telling that people like Maxine Waters, John Lewis, Elijah Cummings and every other CBC member, has wasted no time in fighting for illegal immigrants, even pushing bills in their support, while relatively doing nothing for the Black constituents they’re suppose to represent…not to mention the fact that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus does not do the same for African Americans.

It’s hard to question the reasoning behind the CHC and their non vocal support of issues that have plagued Black America, when their created purpose is to serve that of Hispanics and their issues. During the height of all the Black Lives Matter marches during Obama’s presidency, I never saw sit-ins, protests nor tear filled press conferences from CHC the way that we see them nonstop with the CBC (led by John Lewis) on issues that largely affect the Hispanic communities. It should also be said that issues like prison reform and police brutality, should be a joint fight for both groups, yet I never see the CHC standing before cameras fighting in solidarity on these issues.

Having said that, every Black person should be angered that the CBC has spent unprecedented capitol attacking Trump about illegal immigration, borders, DACA, migrant children, ending ICE etc., and has not done the same to fight against the systemic police abuse and abject poverty, education, jobs, prison industrial complex, white liberals gentrification etc., that African Americans are dealing with daily. This same group of people were silent during Obama’s presidency when systemic police violence began to rise. Their refusal to attack Obama for their own political security was shameful. It was clear they refused to go against anything that would shine a negative light on Obama. These same bogus rants against Trump’s illegal immigration and deportation issues went unchallenged by the CBC, liberals and liberal media during Obama’s presidency.

Elijah Cummings about to bust a gasket over Illegal Immigration

Where is there call now to end the systemic police system that preys on African Americans with impunity each day? Both John Lewis and Elijah Cummings, broke down in tears describing the plight of migrant children, yet neither of them have shed a tear for the plight of poor Black children who live within their own communities. Where are their tears for the poor African American children who go to school in freezing classrooms with no heat in below freezing weather, children who’s mothers have been given life sentences for non violent drug charges, children under the age of 17 who have been tried as adults and exposed to violent rapes and abuse, and placed in adult prison systems while being treated like Super Predators for petty drug crimes, children who sit in cages every day in America, housed by the very people they take monies from, children who are placed in horrific foster care homes to only be met with neglect and abuse, children who’s only real crime was being born Black and poor? Will Elijah Cummings stand before congress and cry for this Black child in his own community the same way he did for migrant and illegal children crossing US borders?

The Congressional Black Caucus PAC, has raised millions of dollars in the name of helping the Black people that they are elected to represent. However, most of the money has been raised from private prison and Wall Street. It’s also interesting the amount of money they have raised and yet none of it goes back into the communities they serve.

Former US Congresswoman, Donna Edwards was literally black balled by CBC PAC after one of their donors, Al Wynn demanded that they not support her because she apposed their support of his lobbying companies, i.e., private prison corps, detention centers and big tobacco, that he was lobbying for. In a show of supporting of their benefactor, the Congressional Black Caucus ran against Donna Edwards for US Senate and in turn voted for and vocally supported her White male opponent, Chris Van Hollen. It should go without saying, that Edwards lost in a landslide.

It’s disturbing that the CBC recently voted against prison reform because it was a Republican bill, and also recently voted for ‘the protect and serve act of 2018’ which made assaulting a police officer a federal hate crime. Yes, your favorite Black hero who made a living by tearfully lamenting his being beaten over the head by cops on the Edmund Pettus Bridge (with MLK), yet John Lewis was one of the proud members of the CBC who voted to support this outrageous bill.

The CBC is now completely owned by the same people they pretend to their unknowing constituents, to be against…private prisons, big tobacco, big pharma etc.,. The entire group should be ran out of office. Their clear strategy is to deflect by ranting about other issues and other groups agendas, as long as those issues don’t bring meaningful change for the poor Blacks that they represent and (keep oppressed), in order to stay in office.

John Lewis is a shameful and disgraceful story of a legacy sold to the highest bidder, and consequently selling out his own people for power and fame.

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach