If Bill Cosby’s Shows Have Been Erased, Then Why Haven’t ALL of Weinstein’s and Others?…

A movement is brewing to erase and end the airing of what were left of all the shows and/or movies that were affiliated with Bill Cosby now that he’s been found guilty of sexual assault. That’s a very slippery slope for Hollywood to play, if they or even black media are behind such an effort, then they should be prepared to end all Weinstein, Allen, Polanski, Spacey and the plethora of other Hollywood sexual predators whose movies are blanketed across the airways every day…and please allow me to silence those who say but Cosby was convicted, newsflash: TVLAND pulled all of Cosby’s shows in 2015.

The Cosby Show and A Different World, were two shows that portrayed the positive side of black family life, that no other TV show had ever provided. Shows like Sanford & Son and Good Times, all showed very poor and struggling black families. Bill Cosby gave poor black kids a view into truly a ‘different world’. These shows and others that were produced by or included Cosby, have nothing to do with who he may have been off screen and certainly the actors and actresses should not pay a price because of it.

“If they’re coming for his shows, then it’s a lot of stuff gonna be pulled, there are not just shows but networks that will have to be pulled”~Sinbad

Hollywood didn’t destroy or denounce the shows that Polanski directed, they even gave him an Oscar after he was convicted of raping a 13 year old child. The #MeToo crowd of white women like Meryl Streep even continued to sing him praise. When Hollywood and the #MeToo crowd comes for Bill Cosby to erase all of his reruns and shows, then white women like Meryl Streep who have made her fortune from Weinstein produced movies, should get ready to lose all of her residuals because all of her movies will have to be pulled as well.

“We are no longer airing the series,” a BET spokesperson told Quartz. “We’ve rebranded the network as the first network for African- American women, and out of respect to our audience, we’ve decided to pull it.”
Adweek, which first reported Centric’s decision to pull The Cosby Show, also said cable network Bounce was pulling reruns of the sitcom Cosby, which ran from 1996–2000 on CBS.
TV Land stopped airing re-runs of The Cosby Show in 2015 as rape allegations mounted.

I’m ashamed at how quickly black people jump on board with this type of ignorance. The sad part about this is that Hollywood (major networks) had already stopped showing Cosby’s shows when he was initially accused. After which, a then struggling new black network called Bounce decided to start airing them. Sadly, now Bounce has decided to scrub The Cosby Show from their network as well. What’s even sadder and shameful, is that Martin Luther King III and Andrew Young are two of Bounce’s founders.

White networks haven’t pulled any re-runs of shows and/or movies related to Weinstein and others, though Netflix ended House of Cards because of Kevin Spacey, the re-runs are still available. When supposed civil rights leaders, lead the charge to erase the history of black people in such a way, it’s past time to really see these people for who they are and who they really support. Bill Cosby’s crimes have nothing to do with his body of work, people should be allowed the choice to choose what they want to see or not. If we are going to start throwing out works of people who have been convicted of crimes or who have questionable pasts, then that would mean we should no longer revere the constitution, the bible and many other body’s of work…because those two things are filled with people who committed atrocious acts on others.

#BoycottBounceTV #BoycottHollywood

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach