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“I’ve Been Labeled a Russian Troll By Twitter. What Do I Do Next?”

On September the 16th of 2017 during a normal twitter conversation with many of my followers, my account was permanently suspended. I had no idea at first until I saw one of my followers tweeting asking what happened to my account. I was completely confused because I could see all that they were saying, yet I was unable to respond…it felt like the movie “Get Out” as its character is literally plunged into purgatory after being hypnotized, unable to respond yet seeing all that was happening as I plunged further into twitter’s purgatory for those who dare challenge the Democrats and Neolibs agendas.

Image By: Walter Handelsman

What’s laughable is that I am still floating in a type of purgatory, I’m able to see all that is said from my twitter page but unable to respond. I can still see any tweets that my twitter handle is included but again unable to respond. What’s not laughable is sitting back watching a new account that was created with both my picture, my bio and my handle (with only a slight of hand in its spelling by using and _ at the end). I watched in shock as this person tweeted to my former friends and followers as though they were me, I also know for a fact that impersonating someone (without a parody disclaimer) is against twitter rules, yet no matter how many people have reported this account, twitter has refused to take it down. That says all you need to know about Jack and twitter’s true agendas.

After weeks of trying to understand why my account was completely shut down and why my IP Address has also been blocked; I was told by a friend who knows someone at Twitter that their investigation showed that Twitter had shut down my account because I was a Russian Bot. At first I thought that she was joking but after listening to her continue on about being afraid for me and how this could affect my travels and life; I became mortified and angry. All of this was told to me only hours after I had learned of the new storyline of Neolibs corporate media, of African Americans being colluders with Russia. One article talks about a former twitterer that only tweeted about positive successes and historical moments of black people @Crystal1Johnson, her account was taken down on the same week/day as mine and she was labeled a Russian bot. I have no idea who was behind the Crystal Johnson account (I didn’t follow her) and I’m sure most of us will never know but her account was harmless with over 57K followers, she rarely if ever tweeted about anything other than the latest positive story about black people.

This tactic of Macarthyism and Red Scare aren’t new and it truly shows that the Democratic Party’s roots of Dixiecrats and Neolib Clintonism are who they truly are. Democrats are nothing without the enslavement of African Americans, no different than the GOP not being anything without poor whites. The silencing of voices who are not on board with the establishment should be a concern for all. There is no Free Speech in America anymore, unless that speech is co-signed by those in power. Corporate media’s only job is to ensure that the populus is fed the propaganda needed to keep them enslaved and to perpetuate whatever fear tactic needed to feed the next war or Capitalist and Imperialist agenda…they were caught off guard with the power of social media over the past 8yrs and they are hellbent on ensuring that they shut down the voices that were able to expose the lies that we all have been fed for decades. The establishment is scared not of Trump but an awakened electorate. What’s old is now new again. Dixiecrats are using their old tactics of Communism that they used before they ‘supposedly’ transitioned into the now Democratic Party. Democrats are showing us all who they really are and have always been.

The Above Post is real and taken from 1933 Birmingham, AL — Guy B. Johnson papers

The above article was posted in a Birmingham, AL paper in 1933…everyone should remember that the KKK was founded by the then Democrats. To Democrats any black person who is not towing Neoliberals traugh of lies, are now Russian spies, black people are not allowed free speech or their own agency of thought because we are all mindless ‘firewalls’ for Neoblibs agendas and we must above all else remain on Democrats Plantation of lies and hypocrisy or else be forever banished into “Social Media Purgatory”.

The above twitterer @Delo_Taylor (follower/friend) changed his twitter name to “Ni**gas in Moscow” after seeing all the bogus stories of black people who were not towing the Neolibs agenda being accused of being in bed with Russia. In all of my travels, Russia is the one place that I have never had a desire to visit. I can’t think of one Russian that I know or even have met for that matter. However, I am like Muhammad Ali…when opposing the Vietnam War…

”Russian’s have never called me Nigger, Russian’s aren’t shooting my people while wearing a police uniform and Russian’s didn’t create Mass Incarceration or continue the oppression of my people while lying to get their/my votes”.

Twitter has chosen to use its platform to allow Neolibs the power to control opposition and any user whom they see as a threat to their agenda becomes a problem. My twitter account had been shadowbanned for over a year, I was not allowed to go past 13K followers but even after all of that; I was still able to reach millions of people and that clearly was the real issue for Jack and his minions. I’m not sure when I became a Russian bot, was it when I exposed Deray (Jack’s buddy) for being the co-intelpro fraud that he is or was it when I made it clear that my only agenda on twitter was to inform my people of who the Democratic Party was and how they had used our votes for decades only to see our men and women in chains and our communities in disrepair…or simply both of those scenarios were too much for Neolibs and Jack to allow to stand.

My Twitter reach over a 2mnth+ period was almost 8MILLION people

Jack and Twitter (Facebook) are serving as Democrats (Neolibs) and the Corporate Deep States operatives. They are working hard to ensure that the FREE speech and open access that allowed millions around the world to communicate and expose their hypocrisy over the past 8yrs, does NOT happen again. They’ve concocted this outrageous lie that Russia has somehow thwarted an election with ads that were funded at the tune of $100K, yet Hillary Clinton’s henchman; David Brock spent MILLIONS on ads and trolls to supposedly, “Correct the Record” but actually it was to silence anyone who exposed Hillary’s corruption or opposed her and NWO (New World Order) agendas.

“Paying MILLIONS of dollars to suppress truthful information by Hillary Clinton and David Brock, was the real and present danger to democracy”.

By: Sean King: NEW YORK DAILY NEWS — April 25, 2016
By: Evan Halper LOS ANGELES TIMES — May 9, 2016

The fact is this entire Russia scare should be insulting to America’s electorates, however it’s clear that Democrats think that all of us are mindless bots and they’re the puppet masters. How anyone can believe that Russian ads totaling $100K could have any effect against the millions of dollars that Hillary and her henchmen spent is outrageously insulting. They’ve tried every tactic they could to scare people into believing that Hillary’s election was lost due to Russian interference, when in fact it was lost because of corruption, arrogance and greed. Hillary had over a billion dollars to spend but instead all went to overpaid consultants who thought that she didn’t need to do any real campaigning, because after all, they had Hollywood, Obama, Jay & Bey and don’t forget MSM who helped them elevate Trump because who couldn’t easily beat him in the General?

Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow see Russian’s around every corner. Joy has gotten so ridiculous that she blamed Asset Forfeiture re-instatement on being very “Putinesque”…when in fact Loretta Lynch actually overturned and re-instated Asset Forfeiture Laws, long before Sessions. However US Corporate Media would never make that distinction.

July 19, 2017
Loretta Lynch Overturns Asset Forfeiture Laws — April 11, 2016

So now Hillary sycophants have a new boogeyman on social media to cry about. What’s telling is how easily they tweet to Jack to report the new Russian Führer LIE, as if they already know their lies will be readily accepted (sarcasm) and those who are accused will be summarily rebuked or removed from twitter.

I don’t know what my recourse will be with Twitter, a lawsuit is definitely in my thoughts but if only I were a black woman who voted and supported Hillary Clinton; I would be the hero of left-wing media…fighting off interviews from CNN and MSNBC…feminists would be in an uproar, running to my defense. Instead I’m just a Russian troll, being paid to spread the truth about the Democratic Party because NO REAL BLACK woman would ever be against Hillary or the Dem Establishment…black women are all firewalls, all happy that their black men and family members are rotting in prisons because of Democrats unjust Crime Bill (generations of fatherless and motherless children), all happy that their communities are virtual wastelands after decades of Democratic leadership and control (sans the gentrification), all happy that Democrats did nothing for the past 8yrs as black men and women were slaughtered by police…surely no Real Black Woman would ever have a reason to leave the Democratic Party!

#DemExit From Russia With Love…

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