Kamala Harris’ Jamaican Family were Slave Owners, her Policies as AG were No Different…#NeverKamala

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Top Cop Kamala Harris — Emoff at the Border

Kamala Harris-Emoff’s father spoke proudly of his Jamaican roots and family history as slave owners, with Jamaican Globe News. Kamala’s policies as AG of California were no different than that of her slave owner history. It also speaks to her horrific campaign kickoff speech, where she blatantly disregards the pains and history of African American DOS and our history of slavery in America.

“America’s story has always been written by people who can see what can be, unburdened by what has been.” ~Kamala Harris-Emoff

Kamala states that America’s racist history of slavery and genocide is irrelevant, that she can see beyond those things with America’s future. However, she would never say that to Israel or the Jewish people when it comes to their holocaust and past.

Dear Kamala, America will never be great until it recognizes and reconciles its debt to African American Descendants of Slavers.

My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Christy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town) and to my maternal grandmother Miss Iris (née Iris Finegan, farmer and educator, from Aenon Town and Inverness, ancestry unknown to me). ~Donald Harris (father of Kamala Harris)- Jamaican Global News


A lot has been said over the last few days about Kamala Harris-Emoff since she threw her designer heels into the ring; black pundits and gatekeepers of the Negro Wing of the Democrat Party, have sent out threatening social media attacks against anyone who dares speak against Kamala Harris-Emoff. Joy Reid the Queen of black gatekeepers for white liberals, realizing that black people aren’t falling for this pandering and lies from Kamala; did a show highlighting that Kamala would be the First Indian American President.

White liberals are hedging their bets that another faux black person will usher in all of the changes and issues they want and need, while leaving African American DOS, without representation. #ThinkAgain #NeverKamala

White liberals are posting insulting comments stating emphatically that Kamala is an African American and that black people will just roll over and vote for her simply for that reason. For the record, Kamala is NOT an African American and she is also NOT black and ALL black people do NOT think the same nor vote for candidates just because they attended an HBCU or pledged a black sorority.

Interesting that Kamala did all of this to supposedly immerse herself into her faux black heritage, yet married a white man that she seems to keep hidden from public view. Note: there’s always been women who look like Kamala who run to black spaces to elevate themselves because in their warped minds, it gives them the upper hand on darker skinned black women; yet would be at the bottom in the white world of the women they really want to be a part of. However, they quietly and eagerly move into white spaces after they’ve used black women, black institutions and faux blackness to gain power.

Newsflash: Rachel Dolezal went to Howard and did all she could to paint/portray herself as a black woman.

They are daring anyone to critique her record less they all be attacked as misogynists or racists. The real issue is, they are trying to drown out the truth on who Kamala is and her horrific record against black and poor people as AG of California. It’s amazing that Kamala has pandered to black people with pathetic dancing, musical playlists and Cardi B dancing; yet when it comes to Israel and Jews (her husband is Jewish), Kamala speaks of specific policies for them and others. Kamala’s speech to AIPAC should be offensive to all people of color, since singling out black people is somehow ignored or viewed as biased **sarcasm.

In the article below; I wrote in depth in June of last year regarding Kamala’s horrific policies against poor black mothers and black people in general.

However, on yesterday Kamala had the audacity to post the below tweet as if she wasn’t the implementor of all that she’s proclaiming to protest.

In the era of #MeToo women should be angered that she ordered parole officers to enforce residency restrictions against sex offenders; which meant that a registered sex offender could live next door to schools and children. Harris’ so-called, “Smart On Crime” was really a remake of Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill. As San Francisco’s DA, the felony conviction rate rose from 52 percent to 67 percent in three years. Harris reform was smoke and mirrors when it came to three strikes laws, for instance her new plan allowed anyone previously convicted of a felony (rape, murder) would still receive life sentences on third strike minor offenses. When running against her Republican opponent, she ran to the right of him, he proposed a reform of the three strikes law but Harris refused to support it. Kamala fought against police bodycams and any of the form of police accountability.

Kamala Harris loved the power of being the Top Cop in California

Another interesting recent revelation of Harris’ career has been the fact that she was taking donations from Donald Trump, and Ivanka Trump during the height of his bitherism attacks against Obama and a federal lawsuit against him as well. Kamala also refused to prosecute Trump’s Secretary of Treasury, Steve Mnuchin for his crimes with One West Bank, after which he rewarded her with donations to her senate campaign; making her the only democrat that he made donations to.

Trump’s donations to Kamala Harris 2011, 2013 & 2014

Kamala had no problem supporting the death penalty (with hundreds of innocent men affected), a system that disproportionately affects black men, a modern day form of lynching. Kamala advocated that a death row inmate and black man named Kevin Cooper, who’s racist trial by her prosecutors, be executed even though DNA evidence proved he was innocent. Kamala opposed all discovery to his case and demanded his execution until the New York Times exposed the case. Currently a black man by the name of George Cage is serving a 70 year sentence in California for a crime he did not commit. Prosecutors unlawfully withheld exculpatory evidence, yet as AG she refused to dismiss the case in mediation. His conviction was upheld on a technicality.

Her defense of prison slavery and refusal to allow for early release of non violent criminals should be a cautionary tale, when listening to her newfound rhetoric of lies.

Image by: @sheikh_rashadx

Lastly, in a supposed effort to quiet the many calls from reporters; Willie Brown wrote an oped called: Sure I dated Kamala Harris, So What? Brown ultimately confirmed is that he (a married man at the time) a then 60+ year old man, and she a 20 something year old young woman, dated and launched her career because of that relationship. Hmmm there is a name for that…

Kamala has in fact been tough on crime when it related to poor blacks, but when it came to the white and powerful elite; she bent over backwards to ignore their crimes; while she and they also profited from mass incarceration.

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