Min Farrakhan is Condemned, but Netanyahu, Albright & Kissenger are Praised…

I am sick of white people and Jews telling Black people who we better condemn or support if we want their faux allyship. This recent uproar coming from Alyssa Milano denouncing her support of @WomensMarch because of their leader, Tamiko Mallory and her (personal) relationship with the NOI and Minister Farrakhan, is a clear picture into the arrogance and faux allyship of white liberals.

Newsflash: Who gives a damn if Alyssa Milano speaks at the “White” Women’s March or not!!! Milano is the same white woman that stole the term #MeToo from a Black Woman and refused to acknowledge her until she was forced to on social media.

Reading the online twitter page of Bishop Talbert Swan and the attacks he’s gotten for defending Mallory by supposed Jewish allies and so-called Rabbi’s, is telling. The reality is that for these people, their claims of anti-semitism is the end of the world and anyone thought to be anti-semitic must immediately be destroyed, but anyone who’s racist is of no consequence and of course we all know as the Bishop has stated, that that would mean denouncing ALL of their relatives and friends…and even taking a hard look in a mirror at themselves. Also according to them the worst atrocities in the world was the Holocaust and no other forms of mass genocide of others matters…not even the current genocide and apartheid that’s currently happening in Israel against the Palestinian people. However, they are demanding that a Black woman denounce the Minister and NOI, the very people who supported her when her sons father was murdered over 12 years ago.

Mallory turned to anti-violence activism after her son’s father was murdered, eventually becoming the national director of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. “In that most difficult period of my life, it was the women of the Nation of Islam who supported me and I have always held them close to my heart for that reason,” Mallory wrote in a statement published on NewsOne .

Milano, Messing and the many Rabbi’s and Jews who are claiming offense and demanding that Mallory denounce Min. Farrakhan, can ALL go to hell. I did not see any of them condemn the actions and racism of Netanyahu, Albright or Kissinger, and in the slim chance that some of them did; they did not do a very good job in stopping any of them. Instead all three of these racist war criminals have continued to be lauded and praised. America has whitewashed the racism and crimes of these Jewish war criminals but are now daring Black people to support Minister Louis Farrakhan, a man that has not called for nor behind the mass murdering of anyone. I don’t agree with everything that the Minister says but I will NEVER denounce him to appease white people or white Jews.

Where were Milano, Messing, @rabbijilljacobs and others when Albright bragged of murdering over 500K Iraqi children, or the many warcrimes of Albright, Kissinger and Netanyahu? Where were they when Netanyahu was force sterilizing Ethiopian Jewish women who had fled there for asylum? Where were they when war criminal Henry Kissinger received a Nobel Peace Prize or when Obama Administration gave him a Distinguished Citizen Award after his genocide in East Tumor, or the Khmer Rouge killing fields, Cambodian carpet bombing genocides and many more?

White liberals have always tried to decide for Black people who our leaders are and they all have worked to erase any Black leader who was not walking lockstep with their covert racist agendas, or who was not planted/controlled by them (Deray & Shaun King). Malcolm, Marley, Garvey, Tubman and many others are virtually non existent in White folklore and classrooms across America, because they dared play the peaceful protest line of thought.

Director, Curtis Scoon gives a moving account in the below thread on White/Governments control of Black elites/leaders and Black organizations over the Black community.

The Black Panther Party was considered a Hate Group by liberal think tanks and the FBI, and Assata Shakur is on the FBI’s most wanted terrorist groups list. All while MLK, Jr., has been whitewashed so badly by white liberals until it’s hard for me to even celebrate him anymore. John Lewis is nothing more than a cheerleader now for White liberals and AIPAC, brought out when needed to champion all things racist and unjust, as long as those things don’t include Black people.

Ironically during the time that I’ve taken to write this article, Marc Lamont Hill was fired from @CNN because he dared say he supported boycotting Israel over their treatment of Palestinians. No one is allowed to be critical of Israel and especially no Black person who has been given a ‘temporary’ microphone by them to only spew their rhetoric and hate. I’m no fan of Hill’s for many reasons but this is who and what CNN has always been, Zionist Wolf Blitzer was once a reporter in Tel Aviv and also worked for AIPAC. Just think a few weeks ago Don Lemon, Bakari Sellers and Tara Satmayer (three Black people) were all on CNN calling Kanye a Coon and Token Negro, these are the only type of words and the only group of people allowed to be insulted or attacked by CNN’s house pet negroes. There were many calls of their condemnation but CNN stood by their racist rants, again because that’s allowed.

FYI: All you Black folk & Liberal CNN lovers. CNN swears they give a damn about Migrants at the border, yet Hill can’t stand up for Palestinians without being ostracized and fired. Not to mention his weak a$$ condemned Farrakhan in the past after pressure from these same people. Mallory is right to Stand Her Ground…Hill tap danced and still got fired.

Finally, the last time that I checked, Minister Farrakhan nor the NOI have been responsible for ANY murders of Jewish people, in fact the very people who continue to commit atrocities against Jewish Mosque’s are White men/Christian’s. And the very people who are committing genocide and apartheid all over the world or either White Christian’s or White Jews. So it would seem to reason that the real threat is not Min. Farrakhan or the NOI, but White people in general.

P.S. Please don’t reply to me with calls of anti-semitism or not all white people. I am neither anti-semetic nor am I saying ALL white people.

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach