Why Is #MeToo Emily Ratajkowski, Publicly Disrespecting Lebron James’ Wife?

The sheer arrogance and disrespect that Emily is displaying by tweeting this picture to @KingJames is unbelievable. She is purposely disrespecting Lebron’s black wife. This behavior by white women towards rich black men, is the same behavior that destroyed Bill Cosby and the very same behavior that went after the likes of Weinstein for access and fame. The hypocrisy and arrogance is astounding, Emily finds this below tweet to James acceptable all while protesting for #MeToo.

Yes @Emrata is the same woman who recently protested (arrested) with #MeToo in Washington during the Kavanaugh hearings. However, she has no problem stalking a married rich black man on social media.

Emily protesting with #MeToo at Kavanaugh Hearings

Emily wants people to “respect female existence,” maybe she needs to learn how to respect a married man’s wife. This is the very behavior by women that has taken down lots of powerful men. Her behavior is not funny nor acceptable, and so-called feminists and all women should condemn her for this.

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach