Robert Scoble and Me
Quinn Norton

I’ve been clean and sober a long time. Meth and Budweiser kicked my ass. Most of us in recovery created lots of wreckage. Stuff we’d never do sober we did do drunk or loaded. That doesn’t excuse it, however, that’s what happens. It’s not pretty.

TechCrunch has an article now citing women who say Scoble’s behavior has continued to the current day and he’s not really sober.

Part of the recovery process in AA is amends. Go to the people you hurt, apologize, then don’t do it again. Staying sober may depend on it. Making amends helps the other person. It also helps the alcoholic / addict.

I knew someone who couldn’t get more than 30 days sober because when he did, the memory of him killing someone in a drunken accident came screaming back, and he reached for the bottle to kill the pain. Maybe if he’d been able to make amends he would have stayed sober.

A sober friend went back to the little town he raised hell in, and paid back everyone he stole money from, sometimes at gunpoint. The sheriff saw him, remembered two felony warrants for his arrest, made some phone calls, then said “As long as you keep doing what you’re doing, I’m not going to worry about those warrants.”

Maybe the amends process is kind of a restorative justice. Those wronged get some closure and maybe healing. The alcoholic / addict gets to start a new life.

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