Life Lessons My Boyfriend Taught Me

Dating someone is always a learning experience but sometimes, it’s the partner you choose to stick around for the long run that’ll teach you the most about yourself.

Here are a few things he’s opened my eyes to over the last year:

  1. To love myself — I’ve never felt as beautiful in my own skin since the day we met and it’s probably one of the greatest gifts I’ve received. Watching him fall in love with me made me fall in love with who I am and everything I can be.
  2. To untangle myself from my feelings and take a breath before I share what’s going on inside. All too often, I think we decide that the right time to talk about an issue is the moment we want to talk about it. But this doesn’t take into account where and how the other person is feeling at the time and makes conflict much more difficult to resolve.
  3. To pursue and acknowledge my truth, unapologetically. I’ve learned from his own experiences that real authenticity lies in being to face the world for what it is.
  4. To make positivity a daily choice. Sometimes it can be really hard to keep my own critical judgments from seeping into my choice of words or the conversations I have (even if I don’t mean to be demeaning in any way)— but he has, and often by example, taught me to consciously choose to be positive in my interactions. There’s absolutely nothing to lose by sharing the bright side with someone else and you’ll probably brighten their day too.
  5. To not sweat the small stuff: follow the big picture. As a strong Type A personality and a bit of a perfectionist, I have a tendency to zoom in the small things and make mountains out of molehills. Thankfully, he’s enough of a type B to balance out my insane moments and remind me on a regular basis to take a step back.
  6. To make my own sunshine! I’ve always known the world isn’t all fairy dust and rainbows, but being with him has made me want to seek out my own light when there’s only darkness and clouds around. I guess when you love someone enough, the desire to glow bright for the both of you comes straight from inside.

Thanks for being everything I need you to be and more, boo ❤

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