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PolkaMusic aims to disrupt the music industry through our innovative products. Building decentralized music on Polkadot!

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Not your vanilla crypto-music project

The music industry is a rapidly developing landscape. Over the past decade, we have seen the music creation process being democratized, and listeners, on the other hand, have access to millions of songs at their fingertips. However, the legacy backend infrastructure remains largely untouched. …

A look at how voting based on a bonding curve works



The crypto ecosystem is currently in a phase of rapid, constant transition. Every now and then innovative projects crop up, bringing in both innovation and disruption to a booming market. …

PolkaMusic | Polkadot | Blockchain

The decentralized voting system for the future

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PolkaMusic is the next generation of music discovery powered by Polkadot. PolkaMusic unlocks a brand new revenue source for musicians as well as fans through PolkaMusic decentralized music ranking chart.

Before we provide an insight on how PolkaMusic Voting works, let us see how and why voting emerged as an…


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