Polkawallet Releases 0.1.0 Beta Version

Mar 8 · 4 min read

After over a year’s development of its infrastructure layer, Polkadot gradually becomes mature and its related ecosystem also begins to form. As one of the early-stage projects in the ecosystem of application layer, Polkawallet is designed to provide mobile-end services such as easy cross-chain asset one-stop management, staking, governance and cross-chain ecological application access. While providing users with more human-friendly and more convenient experience, it also offers more direct effect such as visual data and state changes, so as to get users quickly involved of the situation and improve their participation.

Start of Mobile

Polkawallet 0.1.0 Beta mainly realizes the following three modules:

  1. Asset Management: Users could use mnemonic, Raw Seed or keystore import to create a wallet. Currently, it supports polkadot Alexander testing network and in the future parachains asset management will be added. Users could initiate scan & transfer, or export keystore, or change passcode, add addresses book. They could also see their transaction records and asset line chart.
  2. Staking: Users could Stake or Unstake as they want, and monitor their slash records which are displayed in charts. If you’re concerned about the staking, you could set preferences, which would automatically unstake once it exceeds set limit, in this way you could avoid heavy asset loss from maloperation. When you want to Nominate someone, you could first refer to the history slash records of all intentions in the Staking Overview and then choose the best one or several of them (in the future) to nominate.
  3. Democracy: With the countdown proposals and referendums display, you could participate in the vote and vote the result. History referendum inquiry will be added in the coming version.

How to start?

1. Install App

1.1 iPhone

  • Open https://polkawallet.io/ use iphone, or desktop browser.
  • If use iphone to open: Click DOWNLOAD -> APP DOWNLOAD :
  • If use desktop browser to open:
  • Then use iphone any QR Scanner to scan DOWNLOAD QR:
  • Then the iphone will jump the same page, Click APP DOWNLOAD button.
  • When Clicked APP DOWNLOAD, Installation prompt pops up, click install. Back to the main screen of the mobile phone, it is already there.
  • Finish install, go to Trust this app:
  • Click iphone Settings -> General -> Device Management -> Foton Lovol International Heavy ... -> Trust "Foton Lovol International Heavy... -> Trust
  • Now You can open the polkawallet app.

1.2 Android

Historic moment

I exchanged a cute kitty with DOT, By @polkawallet :)

The first DOT transaction on the mobile wallet.

The road ahead

Milestone One: (plan: 2019.03.25)

Improve extensibility:

  • Choose a more suitable architecture for this application.
  • Subcontracting according to architecture and business modules.
  • Divide the network layer and route layer according to the business module
  • The component package is re-screened, and the comprehensive optimization is selected to prepare for future updates.
  • Component packages need to be re-filtered for comprehensive optimization.
  • The code solution needs to be recalibrated for new business and multi-chain support.

High coupling:

  • Page reusability.
  • Eliminate code accumulation.
  • Keep the structure uniform.
  • Move logic in the View layer or controller layer.

Improve code quality:

  • Develop coding specifications.
  • Develop a code submission specification.
  • Add unit tests.
  • Eliminate file redundancy.
  • Eliminate code redundancy, unused code.
  • Extract method to remove duplicate code.
  • Clean up the code hierarchy.
  • Chinese and English bilingual annotation.

Enhance the user experience:

  • Data caching, reducing user traffic consumption, and server performance consumption.
  • Reorganize the business logic to reduce redundant requests and redundant listening processes.
  • Constantly test, eliminate stuck, crash.

Milestone Two:

  • Notifications function implementation. (plan: 03.31)
  • Referendums history function implementation. (plan: 04.03)
  • Setting functions, include:Language/Gesture/Fingerprint/Facial recognition/Google Authenticator. (plan: 04.10)
  • Redesign some processes to make them easier and easier to understand. (plan: 04.20)
  • A new UI that gives users a convenient experience. Out of style before (plan:04.30)

Milestone Three:

  • Integrate Parity Signer to Polkawallet (plan: 05.10)
  • Multi-chain support, including database and interface level. (plan: 05.20)
  • Fix issue on github that should be fixed {optimize} (plan: 05.28)
  • Prepare for release & github wiki for product description (plan: 05.30)
  • Release 0.2.0 Beta version (plan: 05.31)

Cross-chain ecological entrance:

Parachains based on substrate or network bridge are gradually penetrating into different subdivided areas; blockchain is at its dawn for a “renaissance”.

Polkawallet will quicken its step in integrating suitable cross-chain applications within the ecosystem, providing them with convenient and efficient access to make them serve and simplify users’ lives. For its first integrated application, Polkawallet has already strategically cooperated with ChainX and there’ll be more in the future.

View more info of Polkawallet

Website: https://polkawallet.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/polkawallet

E-mail: three3body@gmail.com

Roit: @0xthreebody:matrix.org


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Mobile wallet for Polkadot https://polkawallet.io

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