It’s Time to Find-Out: What did Donald Trump and his Campaign Know, When did They Know-It, and were They Complicit?

It is, undeniable, like it or not, Donald Trump was the benefactor of the Russian Governments’ cyber-hacking excursion into the email of the United State’s. We’ll most likely never know, to what extent, their tampering helped Donald Trump.

It’s time to find-out: what did Donald Trump and his campaign know, when did they know it, and were they complicit?

There is by now, little doubt as to what kind of Leader President-elect Trump will be. For those who still have any doubt’s; simply look no further than the type of leader’ Trump has shown a great admiration for, and surrounds himself with, for example: General’s, the very, very rich, mostly white older hardliner’s, and dictator’s and tyrant’s. If you need even more clarity, lets continue.

Donald Trumps’ great admiration for Vladimir Putin is no secret, mostly because Trump himself, has stated, on numerous occasion’s, how much he admires Putin’s, “strong leadership”, as he calls is (in this case the translation is Dictator and Tyrant). In fact, Trump has shown a great fascination with dictator’s and tyrant’s in general. To be fair, he has stated that he doesn’t like Putin’s methods. Which, in this case make’s no sense, when the only reason Putin is a so-called, “strong leader”, is because he’s a Tyrant and Dictator. And in this case, you cannot separate these out, they are mutually exclusive.

From day-one, Donald Trump has had, within his inner-circle, Putin loyalists, and he continues to surround himself with those who are sympathetic to Vladimir Putin (Paul Manafort, Michael Caputo, Rick Gate’s, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Carter Page, and now Rex Tillerson). And some on the list have even propagated unfounded fear and rhetoric, through conspiracy theories and hate. A good example of this would be: Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (soon to be Trump’s National Security Advisor), who’s been one of the most outspoken voice’s to promote, hate and bigotry towards Muslims. Not to mention his ties to the Russian dictator. And now he’ll be in a position to exert great influence over how we will deal with the vary people he has shown both, Hate and Admiration.

And now, yet another Russian sympathizer (Rex Tillerson) has been nominated for a post, this time, the highest ranking Diplomat (Secretary of State) in the U.S. Serving as the head of Exon oil, Tillerson, has had business dealing’s with the Kremlin. He was presented with Russia’s Order of Friendship award by, Putin. He’s been a staunch opponent of sanctions against Russia, which his company once estimated had cost it $1 billion.

If confirmed as Secretary of State, will Tillerson, stand strong against Putin and hold him accountable for acts against the U.S., or will he do what is best for the bottom-line of Exon and its many investor’s, and vote to lift sanction’s? Rex Tillerson’ confirmation will be a challenge. He’ll face some vary difficult question’s during the confirmation process, from both side’s of the isle.

To date, the President-elect, has shown little-to-no interest in the daily Security briefing’s with the Intelligence community, where I’m certain the number-one topic of discussion is, Russia! In Trump’s mind, to admit Russia’s involvement is to, undermine the legitimacy of his victory. But I’m certain there is much more going on between the Trump campaign and Russia, than anyone realizes.

Donald Trump, has defended Vladimir Putin of these charges, even at the expense of the U.S. Intelligence community. And with the Trump campaigns’ connection’s to Russia, common sense would dictate that they most likely did, at best, have knowledge of Russia and WikiLeaks nefarious activities.

There’ve been rumor's that regular, and ongoing communication’s between Trump’s campaign and Russia have been on-going throughout the campaign. If this is confirmed, I believe a line could then be drawn from the disruptive acts of cyber-hacking/release of email by Russia and WikiLeaks, right to Trump’ campaign. Because, if they were in communication over that time period, one would have to ask: what were they talking about, if not the email?

Republican National Committee communications director, Sean Spicer, told CNN’s Michael Smerconish: “What proof does anyone have that they affected the outcome because I’ve heard zero,” he said. “Show me what facts have actually shown that anything undermined that election.”

I I’m in agreement with Spicer on one thing; we will most likely never know, for certain, what impact this had on the election outcome. And as much as these thing’s damaged Hillary Clinton’s campaign, they helped Donald Trumps’: Russian email hacking of the Democrat’s, WikiLeaks dumping the emails on a daily basis, and FBI Director James Comey’s letter to Congress (I don’t believe Comey’s intention was to affect the election, nonetheless, it had the same impact whether he meant to or not), one just simply not buy that this was a coincidence.

We now know that Russia has also been involved in more propaganda against former Secretary of State, Clinton, by spreading false news about her with ‘the intent’ of helping, Donald Trump.

If you truly believe that these thing’s had No impact on the election outcome…..well, than I have a ‘Trump Tower’ to sell you real cheap, or maybe free admittance to, ‘Trump U’.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Secretary Clinton would have won the election had Russia, WikiLeaks, and Comey not intervened. But there is no doubt that these thing’s Did Not help her.

Soon to be President, Donald Trump, had better start showing more of an allegiance to the U.S., and Not Russia, which he has been doing for quite some time. He’s taken every opportunity to criticize the U.S. intelligence community, while complementing Putin. That doesn’t sound Patriotic to me, and it sure as hell doesn’t sound Presidential. Unless of course, your the President of the US(SR).

There will be a bipartisan “investigation” into Russia’ medaling in the U.S. election process. The Trump team have shown ‘no desire’ to drain this swamp and expose whatever is on the bottom. Maybe that’s because once ‘This Swamp’ has been drained, they know exactly what will be found at the bottom. Most likely, right next to Trump’s Tax returns.