Looking for the right investor is not an easy task but once you have already found it then things get easier to execute, is not only about the money but the match between the founders and the investors.

We are excited to announce to have onboard Frank´s Devlyn family (Founder at Devlyn Optical Corporation) as our new partners through their new firm FJD Ventures, now we are able to scale up our product nationwide with other key partnerships we will announce soon.

The new investment will help us to boost our core technology and development by bringing exceptional talent not only in Mexico but from all over the continent that wants to be part of our market acquisition breakthrough, it also help us to improve in specific areas such as Data Science and Machine Learning to better capture data, process data analysis and insight outcomes of our datasets that will be useful for decision making and delivering new commercial applications. …

Jobs, Dell, Zuckerberg, Spiegel…all drop out of college in order to build the next big thing. Since I started my university major (Business) I always looked and admired the impact of the huge big tech companies that were made by young founders willing to make everything that is possible and impossible to accomplish a vision of the future, even if they needed to dropout.

Few years ago I was very close to quit school by a phone call from a Mexican Venture Capital offering me to manage a tech company they acquired. Nervous about the big responsability it was, I needed to take a decision in a small limited amount of time and if I accepted then college was not an option to keep going (I was 21), so I decided to take another path, decline the offer, start my own tech company and keep studying in order to get my degree. …


Salvador Rochin M.

CEO & Cofounder @Napify

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