A failed wish

Sometimes when you watch the starry sky at night you get that strange, somewhat sinking feeling that makes your heart beat faster, a kind of presentiment that some sort of miracle is going to happen now, in a split second,

So you get very excited, almost fidgety, and you watch intensely, until your head gets dizzy and your eyes watery, 
to spot that lucky star you’ll wish upon

And who knows

Maybe your whole life will change , everything will be new, exciting and fresh and sparkling

Just like that falling star that you’ll wish upon

And you wait and wait and the seconds turn into hours

and as they turn into more and more hours

and nothing happens

You start to realize


Probably, it won’t ever happen,

no matter how much you waited..

yes, you had that feeling, you waited, you watched, you longed for the moment,

but it never came..

And then you take your tired eyes off the sky

and lower them to the ground and give out a deep sigh .

You close your eyes and you feel for a moment or two

that your heart will flow out from the body in a river of tears

or bleed out through this ghastly open wound

But the seconds pass, no longer turning into hours, and you breathe more slowly and you steadily pull yourself together.

“It was just another illusion, a mirage, a fantasy …which life is so full of”

You say comforting yourself.

“Maybe one day there will be a true one.

But not now. Not today.

Not for me.”


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