Most inexplicable attractions between people are most probably…. pure science. :-)

It is just my magnetic field being attracted to someone’s magnetic field . And it doesn’t really care much about the social backgrounds or professional choices or cultural preferences of the individual . Sometimes even the physical appearance is not what matters.

Just magnetism, nothing else :-)

Or it is simply the fact of having too many electrons to share in my atoms and meeting someone whose electrons terribly want to swap with mine.

It is all kinds of smells and pheromones making our chemistry work together.

It is the music of someone’s voice making me feel comfortable and relaxed or else awakening the butterflies in my stomach and sending a shiver of excitement down my spine..

It is the law of ‘the opposites attract ‘ favouring all kinds of contrasting combinations.

It is the law of relativity as many things are relative to those who are in love, especially Distance and Time.

Finally , tt is the law of gravitation , as we all gravitate towards the Earth and all kinds of those “spritzy -itchy –dopey” effects of passionate infatuation steadily recede and transform either into dust and die or .. grow roots, bear children and make this world go round :-) . Eternally.