Learn how to walk away

Learn how to walk away,

From the false security of empty embraces and haunting handshakes

From the memories of betraying happiness

Go without a sound, without trophies, without even a jacket for the outside

Run away from fake shelters, even if it hails outdoors

Learn to look straight into the eyes saying goodbye, don’t evade the look

Mean your words, don’t humiliate them by your hesitation

Learn how to read the sandglass and admit your time is over

No embraces, letters, dedications, see you soon darling

Neither the evenings nor the songs will ever belong to you

Stop craving for the Future when you have nothing but the Present

Go away from where you’ve found yourself without a reason

And where they hold you back without knowing why

You can create new stories full of blue sky and sea salt

To resemble Autumn ,just a little , and mostly Summer

And even some endless Spring

Walk away from where you are not given what you need,

From something too small or too banal for you to deserve

Demand to take back what you give

You don’t owe them anything

Learn how to respect your love, your time and your heart

Don’t believe what people say, love isn’t infinite, it ends

The heart grows old, one day it will stop beating

Don’t forgive those who didn’t wash your feet with tears of repentance

Be sure that the second chance is for the cowardly and the third for the fools

Don’t look for correspondence between words and acts, call spade a spade

Scold yourself for sitting there at times

Like a small whining child

Consoling it with a lollipop of self -pity

Search for loves reminding of Casablanca,

no short term agreements

And be sure to leave from where you never existed

Walk away even if it hurts like a baby making its way out of a mother’s womb

Walk away from everything “would be” authentic

To learn what real authentic is,

one day.