People’s attention towards you is always motivating and awakening.

It’s like summer that comes unexpectedly while you haven’t yet put your winter clothes away.

You rush to your wardrobe , open it and — “ wow, there is so much beautiful stuff here I don’t even remember about…well I have to get rid of these shorts they’re ridiculous!! but this top looks perfect on me…oh, I remember I had to buy a nice pair of shoes to go with it but finally gave up the idea..I must definitely get them for myself this time!

And then you go through all your old-new stuff and sort things out. You glance at yourself in the mirror and all of a sudden you feel absolutely motivated to restart your gym, finally do something with your hair !! and definitely take your car to a car wash while you have your nails painted in a most bizarre color you’ve ever allowed yourself to wear..

And there’s a change of season and flowers blooming and sunshine and you take photos of the clouds and you wake up with a smile and you spot lots of beautiful new songs on the radio.

It’s beautiful to watch your true colours show, coming out in unseen shades and hues,

reflecting in the eyes of a new admirer.

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