“Slow down. Keep calm. Worry less. Don’t take it to heart. Nothing lasts forever. Dreams and plans are nonsense. Live today. Stop stressing about tomorrow.”

These are the slogans we hear everywhere nowadays. These are the instructions for a worry- free , relaxed, happy living.

But wait, has this world been advancing thanks to indifferent , apathetic and relaxed people? Who ignored challenges, surrendered without a fight, gave up on anything posing a threat to get them out of their personal comfort zone?

If you recall the history of the human kind and all the great discoveries and breakthroughs in its course, you’ll be surprised to find that almost all of them became a reality thanks to the efforts of passionate and enthusiastic people , ready to sacrifice their own life for the sake of their passions .

In the times of ancient Greeks Socrates chose to drink poison defending his ideas, Giordano Bruno was burnt at the doorstep of the 17th century refusing to deny his theory about the Earth , a prominent female physicist Marie Curie ignored the risk of excessive exposure to radiation in order to continue her research a century ago, a great Russian scientist Lomonosov walked from the northern city of Arhangelsk to Moscow in 1730 , covering more than 1000 km on foot motivated by his passion for studying. Nelson Mandela spent half of his life in prison to procure rights for his African compatriots.

There are hundreds of other examples of the kind.

Think about all the national heroes fighting for freedom and peace in their native lands, common people saving their compatriots from hunger anddeath during wars, think about all the devoted patriots battling against regimes and inequalities in different countries at different time .

Think about all the volunteers helping and rescuing people in difficult conditions and dangerous places today , think about the disabled athletes winning medals at Paralympics, think about the doctors struggling to find the vaccine for cancer and other terrible diseases , trying hard day and night, putting aside their personal lives, their free time and individual comforts, think about all the immense contribution and the efforts these wonderful people make to grant our world a better tomorrow.

THEY are the moving force of the humanity.

Those who don’t give up, those who believe, those who lighten the darkness with their Courage, Passion , Faith and Self sacrifice.

Follow THEM.