Today I was courted by a sweet young man, who was making eyes at me on the train. After smiling at him for a couple of minutes. I was the first to ask him what his name was. And he said happily he was Jay. 😻 And then he moved seat and got closer and asked me with a most radiant smile what my name was. And upon hearing that he said: ohhh! J-U-L-I-A-A-A…! 😜And then he asked me what I had had for breakfast. 😂 And then he said I must be French :) i asked if he knew French . And he said he already learnt a couple of things in French at school :) And then he introduced me to his sister. :)

And he was excited we were both going to get off at the same stop 😂

You never know when you meet your love at first sight.

Even if he’s just 6 years old . 😂❤