Wrong…time management

I think I am quite good at time management.

I can do a record number of things in a very short time, I can resist time pressure and meet the deadlines perfectly.

What I cannot manage almost at all is to keep things moving and being done without pushing myself to the limits.

Whenever I decide to relax a bit and take my time and do things at a steady pace I manage ..almost nothing! And there lies a paradox! Whenever I am under pressure and follow a strict program- when I say strict program I mean no extra 5 minutes for a coffee, no traffic jams on my way, no extra schedule phone calls, sounds kind of devastating, I agree))

so if I don’t follow my program literally to the minute I manage to do 10 to 20 % of what I manage if I stick to my planned times!!

Isn’t it unfair? ))

What’s wrong, does it mean I push myself too hard and am not aware of the fact that the real pace of things being done is 8 to 10 times slower than I expect , or should I think it’s because I am horribly bad at dealing with my free time?