The Internet-Enabled E-Cars Sharing System in China

You might be aware of the prevalent “bicycle-sharing system” or the “public bicycle system” which is currently booming in China.

I haven’t gone back to China for years so this is a photo I got online

Today I am shocked by couple of photos my friend posted on social media from China, that she could use a share car as simply as the shared bikes!

The cars are ready in minutes once the customers complete the required registration via a mobile app. And in most cases, the car sharing costs are less than conventional car rental services, which charge on a daily basis.

The simple procedure will be

1.Download the app (available for both Android and IOS)

2.Verify the identity (ID and drive license shall be provided)

3.Place an order and use the mobile to open the car door (which probably just 100 meters away from you)

4.Arrive at your destination. Shut the car door to check out and pay via mobile.

Below photos were taken by my friend and she just found these fancy e-cars parked at her residential community. So, they are ready to go!

I am happy and proud that China embraces car sharing business.

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