Social unrest is the offspring of prejudice

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In August 1969 a conflict erupted between a community of civilians against the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), a state-backed Police force in Northern Ireland until it was dissolved in 2001. For 3-days, local residents from the Bogside in Derry fought and pushed back RUC forces.

The “Battle of the Bogside” was more than a mere flashpoint in Irish history, it was pivotal. It sparked “Bloody-Sunday”, “Internment”, the “Hunger-Strikers”, and years of pain before eventually paving the way to the “Good-Friday Agreement”, almost three decades later in 1998.


Lessons from “Leaders Eat Last”

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In 2002, US Air Force pilot Johnny Bravo (his call name) decided to fly beneath cloud-cover to check out what was going on below. He knew his colleagues were moving through hostile territory. Instructing his wingman to stay above for cover he descended through the dense clouds.

Just before he emerged, he heard a call over the radio … “Troops” … “Troops in contact.” The Soldiers on the ground were under enemy fire.

As he cleared cloud cover he was surrounded by mountains, flying no more than 1,000 feet above ground level over Afghanistan. …


Design your thinking for design thinking

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Photo by Sanah Suvarna on Unsplash

Design is the essence of creativity. Designers are those driven by a vision or inspired by trying to solve a problem.

Problems can conjure up immediate ideas, potential solutions that spring to mind. Past experiences grapple to influence a designers’ attention.

Our minds incubate thoughts that can lead to radical design. Our thoughts have the power to make new connections and diverse inventions.

However, our minds are conditioned. Hard-wired from life-experience, formed by existing thinking. This is a human flaw, a defect that great designers learn to overcome.


Paul Myers MBA

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