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Product designer, solving one problem at a time -

Hola amigos! Greetings all the way from Minami. Last week we published this dribbble shot where we showcased a concept idea to help better manage playlists in Spotify. We received a lot of positive feedback, thanks for all the love! We also saw several comments asking how we built the shot, so here we provide all the answers :)

The tools we used 🧰

For this prototype we only used two tools: Figma and Principle. We used Figma to design all of the screens — starting with the wireframes all the way to the final screens — and used Principle to design the animations.


Our take on improving the way you add songs to your Spotify playlists

Picture the following scenario: your favorite band releases a new album on Spotify and you really like it. But as most of the times, you fall in love with just a few songs and those songs are a great fit for your happy rock playlist🤘.

So what do you do? You tap the three dots button on each of the songs, wait for the popup menu, look for the “Add to Playlist” icon and then select the Playlist and finally the songs are added at the end of said playlist. I mean… it’s not impossible, but a little bit repetitive…

(Este artículo es una traducción al español, del original por Charles Patterson)

Hola amigos 👋🏽, ¿cómo están? Esta semana les traigo la tercera entrega de estos tutoriales de InVision Studio. En esta ocasión vamos a hablar de dos de mis herramientas esenciales y favoritas — Studio + Freehand.

Para aquellos que aun no están familiarizados con Freehand, permítanme presentarles el canvas colaborativo de InVision, para todo tipo de colaboración durante tu proceso de diseño. Siempre es bueno tener una forma sencilla de hacer una lluvias de ideas, compartir trabajo en proceso y obtener retroalimentación de otros compañeros de tu equipo…

(Este artículo es una traducción al español, del original por Charles Patterson)

Hola amigos del internet 👋🏽, ¿cómo están? les traigo la segunda entrega de estos tutoriales de InVision Studio. Si aun no han leído el primer tip, acerca de elementos fijos y scroll en InVision Studio, pueden leerlo aquí.

Pero bueno, esta semana tenemos mas para enseñarte–¿que tal diseñar un efecto parallax super fluido?

A todos les gusta un efecto “wow” cuando interactúan con productos digitale–es el 2018 después de todo–y ¿que mejor manera de deleitar a nuestros usuarios que con un poco de parallax? Esta animación le da…

So recently, I’ve been working more in including interactions in my projects. But as everything new, this poses a challenge and can be quite intimidating 😰 at first if you ask me.

That’s why I decided to share my “framework”, to kickstart yourself. I’m using Invision Studio for this, since is free and to my experimentation the easiest.

So let’s start. I believe the best way to start is by doing something very simple, like in the example provided, so don’t overcomplicate yourself. Remember first we walk then we run.

Picture your interaction 🌠

This might seem pretty obvious, but believe me, it helped…

(Este artículo es una traducción al español, del original por Charles Patterson)

El día de hoy vamos a cubrir de forma muy rápida cómo crear prototipos realistas haciendo uso de dos features en Studio: scroll y elementos fijos.

Cuando estés trabajando en tu siguiente diseño — ya sea una nueva app para un cliente o una página para tu compañía — y quieras mostrar tu diseño lo más cercano a la versión final, intenta usando scroll. Es muy fácil agregar scroll a un artboard, y probablemente, harás uso de este en muchos de tus diseños.

Para empezar, abre un archivo…

My year in music

10. Alt J — Relaxer / Big Fish Theory — Vince staples

Early this year I had the great opportunity and privilege to attend the Awwards conference, which took place in Los Angeles for 2 amazing days where I get to meet incredible and crazy talented people.

Even though attending to the conference in person is an amazing experience I know that it is not in everyones possibilities, so here I’m going to share my notes from the conference. Hope you find them helpful.

Disclaimer: this are my notes, and some of them are interpretations of what the people said on stage.

Aaron Draplin

Towards the end of my computer science I was confronted by the fact that I needed to write a research paper as a graduation requisite.

disclaimer: this is a very compact version of my graduate research, if you want the whole document, with sources and so on you can get it by clicking here


My fellow seniors were going to write papers on Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and so on, basically things they were really passionated about, that’s why I decided to do mine in Human Computer Interaction ❤️.

Searching for research ideas it stroke me, most of the survey engines…

Polo García

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